A New Year

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It's a few days late, but happy new year!

Did you guys have a good Christmas n stuff?

I haven't been up to too much. I've been sick mostly. oTL

Though I did get to see Rise of Skywalker. Enjoyed it quite

a bit. Now maybe go see Frozen 2 or Jumanji at some point.

Pesky sick is moving along, so I can work on the arts.

Commission sale will be ending on the 17th. So if you haven't

got in on it, now's the time. I'll be working on the current goodies

til then. : 3

(goes back to playing Pokemon Sword)


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Hey Xenny. Yeah, Christmas was a pretty good time. Finally picked up Pokémon Sword, too. 
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I had to wait to play after it came out as Shield was an Xmas gift. XD