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Hi Hi Everyone! Here's what's goin on in my world.

• Inktober is here! I've decided to partake and actually
stick with it. They're not as elaborate, but I'm having
fun. If you wanna see what I've done so far, check 
out my tumblr or instagram account.

• I started working again at my old job. First week
back and it feels like I never left. lol That's a good
thing right? Eh, either way it'll help with Xmas.

• My birthday is coming up on Monday. I have no 
real plans though. Just play it by ear, or just chill.
I'm getting too old to care at this point. XD

• New YCH(on FA) up for the weekend. Just wanting to get
birthday monies in case I DO go somewhere. Any
incoming orders will be done by Friday of next week.

• Oh! I guess in-laws are coming this coming week.
I wonder if they have something planned. O.o

That's all I've got for now. TTYL!~♥


。.。:+♡* Xen *♡+:。.。
  • Listening to: Halsey - Castle
  • Reading: Handmaid's Tale
  • Watching: Luke Cage | Paradise PD | Youtube
  • Playing: | Overwatch | Phantomgate |
  • Eating: Soup
  • Drinking: Water | Mtn Dew |
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Hi Hi Darlings? How are you?!

I'm doing much better now that I got
this surgery out the way. It's been MONTHS
of pain that I'm glad is finally over. Well, now
there's recovery pain, but it's really nothing
in comparison at this point. I'm able to do things
instead of lying in bed on pills all day. Feels Goodman.

I think I might be almost done with Okami! 
I love that game so much, I hate it. xD 
Still lookin good after all these years yo.
Glad I picked it up on Switch ♥
Maybe I should do some fan art. : o

Ok, pills kickin in and my mind is all over the
place. Should prolly get back to resting. ^^;

That's all for now. Bye Babies!!~♥


。.。:+♡* Xen *♡+:。.。
  • Reading: Handmaid's Tale
  • Watching: Lemony Snicket || Disenchantment
  • Playing: OkamiHD | Pokemon Quest || Pokemon Go
  • Eating: Soup
  • Drinking: Water || Sprite/Cranberry Cocktail