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[Commission Sale] Tiddies for Tablet!

By xenokurisu
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For as long as I've been drawing, I've never had the

pleasure of owning a display tablet. They're just so

dang expensive! But with other companies coming

out with competetively affordable ones, now is the

time to jump on it.

Even more so because it's a Black Friday Sale!

With that said, I'm offering sketches to help get

that bad boy once and for all. They're easier to

knock out than color art. But I will offer those as

well, if you don't mind waiting a bit that is.

I'll also be streaming it a bit too over on my Twitch

(Only safe for work goodies because ToS ya know..)

Let's move on to pricing and details...

Start Date: Now
End Date: 11/30


Bust/Half Body-ish - $15

Almost Full Body/ 3/4th - $20

Full Body - $25

Flat Color:

Bust/Half Body-ish - $25

Almost Full Body/ 3/4th - $30

Full Body - $35

Simple Color:

Bust/Half Body-ish - $30

Almost Full Body/ 3/4th - $35

Full Body - $40

Price in USD via Paypal

Single Character

OC or Fan Art

Human, Half or Full Anthro


Interested? Shoot me an email with these deets:

Chara Name:

Chara Refs;

Type of Art: [ex: Sketch AFB]

Recommended Pose/Expression:

Where To Send When Finished:

Paypal Email:

to here:

strawberrychuustudio @ gmail.com

If I missed anything, feel free to let me know. ^^

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I definitely want to get in on this!