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These journal entries are going to appear random, So don't think that it's going to be weekly or monthly.

First off, I will introduce myself (if your not familiar of me).
My name is Xeno Tatsunaba (not my real name) and I'm an artist/gamer that watches anime and read manga to pass the time. 

My age is not really important (If I revealed my age, you'll be surprised)

I started creating artwork since I was 7 years old and learned without reading art books.

no one has a photo or record of my existence.

it will be impossible to find any info on me (if you happen to come across someone who has seen me or met me or I admitted it)

The first anime I grew up with was Gundam, FLCL, and DBZ

My favourite animes are My hero academia, DB SUPER, and Jojo's bizarre adventure
my goal is to create a series that is successful that contains ideas nobody thought of (If you pay attention tv shows,movies, anime, etc. you'll see what I mean)

I'm currently single by the time I typed this.

I'm pals with a couple of Youtubers 

I have a mental condition that I will not be revealing at till a certain moment

I listen to a ton of music that originate from video games and J-pop

I'm Canadian and was born in the city of toronto

my persona is much like an shonen/trigger protagonist

I play lots of fighting games and action platformers 

The games I grew up with was the sonic series, Mega man series, the persona series, and the final fantasy series.

my profile pic matches my facial features

and I have the ability to fore see the future in my dreams.

And thats about it, That is my introduction to myself.

-Xeno Tatsunaba
Note to self: Find better Tablet to post my artwork, Improve my drawing skills, 
get more sleep.

I don't know what to do in life.