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SCP-1052 :iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 2 6
W-Lupus, Kelirin Collab Pt. 4
Author's note: This is an alternate continuity outside of all of our stories.  It's just a fun little non-canon project on the side.
What did I get myself into?
It was all I could think as I followed the other wolf's lead.  This was all so surreal.  Only my headache kept me from successfully convincing myself that this was some weird dream.  
I glanced over at the fox girl walking alongside me.  She was, beyond all doubt, the strangest part of this.  She was definitely familiar, despite being in her human form; she had the blue moon necklace, pawprint mark on her wrist, and her scent was the same, even outside of her fox form.  And that bothered me.  Not the fact that she was a fox, that could mean anything.  The thing was, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was from a dream I'd had.  This couldn't be déjà vu, it felt way too real.  So unless
:iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 2 12
Practice by XenoFrobe Practice :iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 5 7 deviantID by XenoFrobe deviantID :iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 2 18
Collab Part 1
Author's Note: This is not an actual chapter in either of our stories.  It's just a fun little thing on the side.  However, chronologically, it fits in immediately after chapter five.  I haven't written that yet, but I just didn't want to have to put this off any longer.
Julia was gone; she'd left for her friend's house a couple of hours ago.  I was left out in the backyard, tethered to a stake in the ground on a long leash.
I really hate leashes.
I didn't really see anything else to do, so I simply lounged on the back porch, soaking up what sun got through the constant thick layer of overcast in the sky.  Barely enough to be considered warm.  I stretched, sighed, and relaxed.
The lack of stimulation was just plain killing me.  I had to get up, move around, or do something.  Finally, I couldn't take it.  With a bit of effort, I unhooked the leash from my collar.
Less than five
:iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 8 9
Experiment: WIP? by XenoFrobe Experiment: WIP? :iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 3 13 Ka-boom by XenoFrobe Ka-boom :iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 1 7 Shells by XenoFrobe Shells :iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 1 12 Desert 2 by XenoFrobe Desert 2 :iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 3 9 Desert 1 by XenoFrobe Desert 1 :iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 3 3 1187 meets Eve by XenoFrobe 1187 meets Eve :iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 9 2
Xrpt: Stones in the Stream
"It looks like we're low on supplies,"Peter said, dropping the pack he was holding. It hit the ground with a lightweight flop, as though to prove his point.
"That's no problem,"Taylen replied. "I can fix that."
"How?"Peter asked. Taylen just smiled and walked out of the camp.
"All right, then,"Peter muttered to no one in particular. He sat down against a tree opposite mine. He sighed, looked around, then apparently decided he was already quite bored.
He drew one of his concealed blades, a slightly curved dagger, so fast I couldn't even tell where it came from. I watched, mildly fascinated, as Peter threw a few experimental swings into the air, then examined it closely. He gently ran his fingertip along the edge, then pulled a small whetstone from his pocket. It made a loud rasping noise as he began scraping the blade along it. It grated on my nerves, but I didn't say anything.
"I expect you don't have a plan,"Peter said quite suddenly.
"I'm sorry?"
"Well,"he said,"Taylen seems
:iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 1 13


Dust, Fangs, and Chrome by RedWolfmoon Dust, Fangs, and Chrome :iconredwolfmoon:RedWolfmoon 72 19 Sword and chicken by Paperiapina Sword and chicken :iconpaperiapina:Paperiapina 307 36 Portraits of the Royal Family by QuebecoisWolf Portraits of the Royal Family :iconquebecoiswolf:QuebecoisWolf 70 20
Cold Moon
I leave the realm of sleep to be greeted by the winter cold and my grumbling stomach.  
It’s been over a week since I last ate anything… and even then it was just some mushrooms that felt as though I’d swallowed a venomous eel.  I rise slowly, shake the snowflakes off of my pelt, savoring the warmth that comes from movement, blood flowing through my veins once more.
I can’t make a fire.  Even if I had something more useful than my bulky, clawed hands, I don’t know how to do it.  Servants always made my fires back home.
My stomach gurgles and dull pains emanate through my body like an echo inside an empty cavern.  Food… always on my mind, even haunting my dreams.  I remember just two moons ago, back when it was still fall, the harvest season.  Drink overflowed from full cups, food tumbled to the floor to be eaten by hounds for lack of table space, fires burned day and night, and all was right with th
:iconquebecoiswolf:QuebecoisWolf 78 91
Azo 'Salcam by sugarpoultry Azo 'Salcam :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 222 14 Overly Manly Wolfman by Viergacht Overly Manly Wolfman :iconviergacht:Viergacht 210 30 Valley of the Kings by WolfRoad Valley of the Kings :iconwolfroad:WolfRoad 291 9 The Gang Alt wear by montyoum The Gang Alt wear :iconmontyoum:montyoum 5,846 348 Myre - Relief Short Comic Strip by AlectorFencer Myre - Relief Short Comic Strip :iconalectorfencer:AlectorFencer 2,320 180 The Taming of the Beast by KeksWolf The Taming of the Beast :iconkekswolf:KeksWolf 421 30 Thunder by The-SixthLeafClover Thunder :iconthe-sixthleafclover:The-SixthLeafClover 2,981 114 Stairway by DrD-no Stairway :icondrd-no:DrD-no 3 0 In the fighter by lackofa In the fighter :iconlackofa:lackofa 281 20 Commission - Galkgrost SpecOps by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Galkgrost SpecOps :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 658 40 Breaking Through by rajewel Breaking Through :iconrajewel:rajewel 2,645 63


So I read a couple of the books back in elementary/middle school, and loved them.  Recently, I went back and read the whole series through, because leaving it unfinished had been bugging me for years.  And holy carp, it was way darker than I remembered.  On the outside it just looks like a generic Magic School Bus sort of Scholastic product, and they pitched it as, "kids learn about the animal kingdom by turning into animals and going on fun adventures!"  But no.  There are moments of levity and silly filler episodes, but it turns pretty quickly into a horrific war story, full of slavery, genocide, brutal murder, psychological trauma, and tons upon tons of blood as these kids just have their innocence ravaged before them.  Heck, a pretty awesome dude gets torn to shreds and eaten alive within the first few pages.  And the end is so tragic and leaves so much hanging, I had to start writing fanfic to make myself feel better about it.

Holy carp, man.

Anyone else read it?  
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