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For an upcoming comic I’m doing.

TBOTC Poster Cast by XenoCreations, visual art

Personal piece

Alone In Darkness And Aura Flames by XenoCreations, visual art

Autumn Season feature

Autumn Walk by XenoCreations, visual art

My main raccoonsona JaymE

JaymE the Raccoon 2020 by XenoCreations, visual art

My best traditional art this year

At Last Above the Sunlight by XenoCreations, visual art


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Favourite Visual Artist
DA artists: Uitinla, Mizuki-T-A, Dandy-Jon, Grox-12. Animation/television: Matt Groening (The Simpsons). Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park).
Favourite Movies
Almost any horror movie from 70,80,90's and some Disney films, especially Lilo and Stitch
Favourite TV Shows
Adult cartoons because most kids cartoons are shitty these days
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Robin Beanland (music composer) from Rareware and mostly metal bands such as Lithuria, Korn, Brutaliate, Devour The Unborn, Gorgasm, Immortal, Satanic Warmaster and more
Favourite Books
Joy Of Satan, is actually a website because I don't read books these days. Too much lies and ill informed these days.
Favourite Writers
Poets: Awesomenope (friend).
Favourite Games
Spyro, Rayman, Conker, gmod
Favourite Gaming Platform
Very little Pc/Laptop.
Tools of the Trade
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8, Prismacolor pencils, soft pastels, Microsoft Surface Go
Other Interests
Hopefully creating a comic, to do some animations, Occult studying and hopefully practice sometime magick and rituals near life.

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I'm just someone who draws funny looking alien/animal like creatures and other stuff in my spare time. Here you'll find a lot of my work is varied from digital and many traditional tools I use. My style for each of them are mostly experimental because I cannot decided what art/colour style I want my characters and universe to be in. XD

❤My awesome friends and inspirations in no particular order:❤

Uitinla Awesomenope Ayame-Saku Grox-12 Smacketeer ThatArtistNightmare SlayerTheFox115 legoben2 Cyber-Flash TWolfDawg NightDragon07 lapis-lazuri

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TBOTC Poster Cast

In a world where all species of anthropomorphic civilians; biologically known as Xenopomorphian Creations. Whether be it pure or inter species, and other alienated strange life forms are inhabited. Planet TBOTC is the wonderful world where these civilized Xenobiotic organism creatures with human like intelligence live on. Far from the planet Earth and Mars is full of weird, wonderful and all different kinds of creatures and places to be at. Whether they're civilians from the comfort of their own homes, or just strange creatures lurking about. You'd never know until you visit there! Bryan F. Fennel, a 30+ year old blue fennec fox with two special gifts, living with his fiancé and their son in a small quiet house, will be the main character of this franchise of mine and a few other characters which will be included too. Don't worry, they won't bite!

This is based upon a series I've been slowing working on for more than 13 years as part of a growing childhood franchise I wish to succeed in the future. Every character has their own unique story and drama behind them in this series of unusual alien creatures that live among a otherworldly but brutally challenge planet created by a misanthropic mad man and his highly intelligent companion.

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⛧My Satanic Beliefs⛧

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The only site where I've learnt REAL Satanism from!


The Vile Truth About Christianity And Its Ilk!


Truth about Islam and the stolen Pagan Symbols and Temples!

Exposing Islam

The real origin of Xianity and Islam and Judaism!

Exposing The Kabbalah

Learn the truth about Satan/Lucifer here!


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A bi trans furry satanist who likes Metal, horror, and cartoons? Can we be friends?

my request are open, would you like for me to draw some one for you

Hey! Another bisexual satanic immortal fan who is a furry! What is your favorite Immortal song?


Black Metal Satanic Raccoon ID

Testing on Eclipse!

Edit: so it appears videos do not show up on the old site, again testing.

Hay so I got in trouble for liking the stuff you like my father don’t like me liking the stuff you like so i had to change my Facebook profile picture to a goth cross at least i can still like goth creepy stuff I hope we can still be friends
Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully you’ll be more careful next time about my stuff if your father sees it. I do hope everything is cleared up between you and your family. :heart: