30th is still count !!!Contest!!!

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Contestant Entry:
:thumb296006910: Naluri by thekarlfanclub155 :thumb296537601: naluri by 5zal Naluri Concept 0 by johnnydwicked Naluri Concept 1 by johnnydwicked Naluri Concept 2 by johnnydwicked :thumb298028303: Naluri and Rokiahi: Bright Sisterhood by dra2k4 :thumb298198313: Naluri and Rokiahi: Vibrant Sisterhood by dra2k4 NALURI and Shiteyanyo by andre757

Dont worry if its 30th, its still count... i mean the contest end after 30th right?

REMINDER! Contest is still Going! Please Join and send more!

Reminder of Contest Prizes:

1st place: 700 DA points

2nd place: 350 DA points

3rd place: 175 DA points

4th place: 50 DA points

5th and more: Honorable mention - Stickier on my site



Free For All

- Under Condition :

Related with my stuff

but would be better if its more toward my PASKAL and SPECTRE Fiction


30th, End Of April - No more submission after that


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What's 'free for all' then?

-You may use any medium!! Drawing, 3D, Papercraft, Machinima (video), and anymore which you think good~

How I judge?

Base on how awesome is the stuff you make / it will make me become like this:

And if there's more awesome stuff which i cant decide, i will pull up the poll for you guys to decide

How to submit?

Notes me your submission and showing the link to your submission. DA and outside link is acceptable! I will post up update on journal for every submission receive.

Will you open up for more sponsor?

If you want to help the contest by donating more DA points in large volume, i greatly appreciate it! and i will increase the prizes more!

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nice~~ that really fast! =p
dra2k4's avatar
Hey there, I've actually managed to get something done for this: [link]

The fully coloured version should be ready soon. :)
XenoAisam's avatar
updated your entry~ thank you
dra2k4's avatar
Here you go, the coloured version: [link]
XenoAisam's avatar
updated! hehehe
jdahl3d's avatar
Well I finished mine [link]
XenoAisam's avatar
updated the journal contest~ thank you
jdahl3d's avatar
I would feel really selfish for saying "you're welcome"
jdahl3d's avatar
It could probably be better... But due to depression i lack inspiration for anything else...
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lolz I had this awesome idea for makeing you miku sing a song about a leek farm (based on that picture of you) and stuff, but I could do the work, I don't have to knowledge and I'm no good about Vocaloid editor, to bad...

ahh well have a nice day!
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HAHAHA /lolkantoi alsoplanningtodrawnaluri 8P
XenoAisam's avatar
lain lain!
NIEKAORI's avatar
Tapi nak lukis naluri jugak:iconheplz:
XenoAisam's avatar
0ook.. lukis jea aa
jdahl3d's avatar
After I saw the new title I went ಠ_ಠ
LunarisFuryAileron's avatar
Crap, if I hadn't been busy with assignments and my own series to attend to, I would totally try to get that points.
XenoAisam's avatar
ahah~ Malaysia~ always make their student get full! XD
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