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Funny stuff of showing my Naluri model comparison from version 1 to 3~

here we see, the left (V1) one got more weird proportion! of course head will be more bigger than anything :P
yay we should consider it as chibi! dont blame me of such low quality of modeling! Naluri is my second model after Rokiahi v1 and in that time (maybe around last year, 2007) , i'm just a beginner~ as for now too :lol:

Actually its pretty different~ the model head without helmet is actually V2! but i mark the level base on the body (priority)... OK! at the middle is version2~ the body now more proper resize but still consider chibi~ this version are widely use in UT2004 and Half-Life2 for now and also for my unfinished hare hare yukai animation :lol:
yeah! its quite popular!

and the Version3 come out! still not fully ringing into bone yet~ actually i realize Naluri body need to be renew because of some new feature from Half-life2 (thats is Normal map!) force me to reedit Naluri back! and this also my opportunity as for my target long time ago want to achieve this:
yeah! i want people to see this as moe!
so i make the new head and proper more the body (so it will look more sexy) and at last! some people say it moe~ i'm glad! and some people say my Naluri from hentai game, schoolmate! uhhh~ T_T i dunno what to say~ happy or sad?
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Another title for the picture should be named, "The Evolution of Naluri."