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3D Interactive : Naluri

By XenoAisam
Naluri 3D preview,
This is for person who dont have 3D software or game to view on how my Naluri in 3D view... so i make this for your guys
this is my first time touching macromedia flash and i just
Testing Flash actionscript a bit

to interact, just move your mouse cursor to right or left column

All right reserve XenoAisam
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hey, i got a question. i have macromedia flash 8. i dont know if im right but, are those a lot of snapshots from naluri's different angles put together in a specific order so when you point to one side, it actually does a rotating effect as if it were a slideshow of pictures and by pointing left the slideshow plays on backwords. the cursor and rotating effects are with the help of actionscript, i know. but am i right about the rotating effect theory?
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err i'm bit forgot how i did...
but yeah.. use play actionscript.. but the backward is pretty hard a bit
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The whole "moving your cursor over the left or right side where the arrows are" thing seems a bit inconvenient, could this be improved so that you can click it instead of moving your cursor over the left/right side to get it to rotate? Another thing that should be noted is that when it's rotating right, it seems to go faster than when the cursor is on the left. Other than that this seems just fine.
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kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii in japanese cute cute cute cute cute cute cute
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Its awesome!!!! How'd you make this??? what program do you use?
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3ds max for 3d and micromedia flash for this spinning~
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Erm... is it newbie friendly?xD
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owh... nope~
but if u manage to follow some tutorial, maybe it would turn out ok =p

maybe my tutorial here?; [link]
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Yay!!! A tutorial!!!xD
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you're welcome~
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hey iv seen u on youtube great job buddy
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ooooooooooooooh! gun! 3D spinny gun!
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Pretty cool. I like it.
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:jawdrop: Oh WOW spinny!! O_O

I mean this awesome!! XD
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woooooow this is so freakin awesome :XD:
damn you rock :dance:
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That's pretty Sweet!
Nice Job with the 3D work. :D
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