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announcing Toaster Squirrel and our first game


GUYS GUYS GUYS! ITS HAPPENING! here are the first real glimpses at the game we have been working on! its called Last Refuge and its shapeing up to be amazing. More in the coming weeks on our site.

we are gearing up for Steam Greenlight. Be sure to look for us in the coming months on steam! <3

check us out at

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So awesome to see your style in video game format. I want to eat it!
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holy (magi)carp, that looks awesome. can't wait!
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Looking great so far. The type of styles I love ^^
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i'll be sure to play it as soon as it's ready
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He Looks like Gilgamesh from Fate series
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Looking forward to this - looks gorgeous and the motion seems lush.
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Item management will work like in 'Cardinal Quest'?
Items you pick up that have stats below your current weapon will be automatically sold?

I know it's a WIP, so I will reserve my comments. I'll just say that overall looks good, just a bit too dark
for my personal tastes... gameplay seems solid. Congratulations :D
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Congrats! I'll follow the project closely!
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The guy is pooping out the sword he just picked up :P
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