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PSP Converse Theme

I just got my hands on the wonderful PSP Theme maker and thought i would give it a try. Let me know what you think

the background Photo was done by the talented ~whatisashayna

Installing PSP themes
1: download the Theme
2: connected the PSP to your computer
3: put your PSP into USB mode
4: open the PSP/THEME folder (if there no THEME folder, create it)
5: move the theme into that folder
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Vylin's avatar
Can you tell me about the theme maker?
pSNAIL's avatar
how come it wont let me download?? D;
Xeno-striker's avatar
did you try the download button button on the right side of the page?
pSNAIL's avatar
yea.i got to work.its just some file wont appear on my PSP
Sinkrona's avatar
A perfect combination; PSP & Converse! I salute you! :salute:
xXxXRenoXxXx's avatar
Hey, I always loved this theme. It's perfect. It was the first theme I downloaded and it's the only one I have used until now. Do you think you can add more icon and stuff for the newest firmware please? It's 6.20.
Xeno-striker's avatar
i only have 2 themes... maybe i should :D, they could use a update :D... i just have a lot on my plate right now, im not sure when i would have to time to get to it.
xXxXRenoXxXx's avatar
Well, I hit the watch button.
Please tell me when you do make one!! :)
I would love to help out but I only know how to make iPhone themes.
RockUp's avatar
that's great
kawaii-panda101's avatar
Where would I put the PS themes folder?
eskimuffin's avatar
how do you adjust the brightness on the psp D:
eskimuffin's avatar
eskimuffin's avatar
i put it in my theme folder but its not on my psp
ellexo's avatar
awesome...thanks, i definatly put this on my psp.
vjvarada's avatar
THis is soo on my psp!
CanadasCutie's avatar
i can't download it :(
it says i need a plug in to view it ><
Xeno-striker's avatar
thats weird... i just tried and i was able to.. what web browser do you use?
CanadasCutie's avatar
Weird... i use Opera.
Katta92's avatar
oooh! what is the psp theme maker? :)
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