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Yennefer's Comfort

By xenbis
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Look at her, chilling out in her cozy room. Wish I was resting like that instead of painting her :)
Challenged myself to make more elaborate background. And while the result is quite satisfactory, the time it took isn't :) There is an "Easter egg" from my other work, can you find it? ;)
Wallpaper 1920x1080

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Yennefer of Venderberg is a character from The Witcher III video game and Andrzej Sapkowski's "The Witcher" books.

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it is wonderful ❤

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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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Try as I might to find something to be critical about, this picture just screams professional. The night sky contrasts beautifully with the warm glow of the candles. The light radiating from the flames is impeccably realistic. The clothing is carefully and meticulously drawn out as well as the pattern on the wood and the curtains.

If I had to say anything at all that could be improved, it would be to suggest a bit more gloss or shine on the fabrics. Even without that, however, this is an absolutely stunning piece. (The sort of thing one might want to be remembered by long after death.)

Truly excellent work! You have definitely earned a watch, my friend.
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Thank you very much, my friend!Hug I was so happy to receive a such appreciative feedback!LoveTo know, that all feelings and thoughts artist puts in his/her work are not lost to the observer.
Have a great day!
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She looks amazing here, love the composition, her pose and the attention to detail. This must have taken ages. :wow:
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Thank you! Heart 
Yes, this work was the most time-consuming digital picture I have ever made. But it was worth it Nod   
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Thank you!Heart 
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Simply marvelous. Best digital representation of Yen I've seen.
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Thank you!Heart 
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A great design!
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About background … more elaborate … the word is weak … it's incredible, from the fur on the ground to the reflection of the candles in the silver tray … everything is REALLY elaborate !!!

Is that the little vial in the book of "Triss alchemy" that you put in the cabinet under Yennefer's elbow ? (easter egg)
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Thank you so much for the praise!Love Heart 
And you're right, that's the one!:thumbsup: revamp 
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My pleasure !
For the easter egg, not finding him would have driven me crazy! lol!
I'm not just a breakdancer, I'm a breakdance teacher too and in my art as in yours, the details are really more than important, they are essential!

Maybe I already told you that, but thanks to you for sharing your art !
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Ha-ha, it's like looking in the mirror, same here, the love to details and perfectionism. The real problem for me is when to stop making improvements in one picture and go to the next. But I'm working on it ;)
And you're always welcome! I'm happy to share.
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WOW!!!! I really LOVE this!
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