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Add more App icons.
Icons in zip file include icns , png
This icons no include Appicns.net 's icons
You must Download Appicns.net 's icons too.

You can change App form App store Icons by
Right Click (Ctrl + Click) on Applications -> Get info
Drag new icon to icon Get info windows.

Download - bit.ly/MINIMALISMV4
Linux - goo.gl/YZVL7L

add open icon xenatt.deviantart.com/art/OPEN…
1Password JumpDesktop Pararells xenatt.deviantart.com/art/One-…

Appicns - appicns.com
Candybar - www.panic.com/candybar

Donate support   - Paypal exenatt@gmail.com
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i want Microsoft Edge,WPS Office and onenote and bitwardian

to contact me arjun6280414@gmail.com

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@ninhhaihoang you only set in nexus dock or other docks

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Someone plz tell me how to set them on windows 10, I dont know how to do it

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for linux doesnt work
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Thank for report. but this version drop support.
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awesome also for rocketdock
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what's new icons? you need to update.
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league of legends
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Do you still update these?
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These are really great. Thank you!
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ขอบคุณครับ totally nice on OS X Yosemite
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I'm looking for people to submit graphics, code and projects to my new site. 

You will benefit from a massive 70% off each sale of your item. All you have to do is upload and submit & you set the price!


Hope you're interested!
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Thank you

hope to join with you.
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Fantastic ! But, can you make a general folder icon please ?
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general folder in appicns.com
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AMAZING!!! What's the license ???
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Cc free for not commercial 
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awesome work on these!
do you think you can release a new version with ccleaner, avira and audacity icons?
that would be awesome, thank you ^^
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Please list your app you want
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