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By xenatt
Mac OS X icons Set included png , icns , Candybar 's icons Package
Minimalism version 3 included optical drive

Appicns :
Candybar :…
Download :

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First off, I would like to say this is the absolute best OSX icon set out there. Thank you very much for your hard work.

Would it be possible to add 1Password, Jump Desktops and Parellels icons? Tried creating my own and failed miserably =/
Thank you so much. All of these are beautiful. If you ever have a paid package or accept donations, I will happily contribute. 
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if you want to donate send papal to
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here is a request - can you please make a tilted address book icon in PNG format ?
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This file included png format.
hi again! just a couple of questions.

1) Don't know if you "take requests" but if have time to spare one of these days would it be possible for you to design a minimalistic version of the icon of - [link] ?

2) do you know if something is needed for the icon set to work in Snow Leopard? i'm using candybar, and already had another icon set in use, but the minimalist one only works in and not much else. Had to change a couple of the apps by hand, but on the whole it didn't "stick", no matter how many times i restarted the computer or reapplied the icons. Even went back to default icons and then applied it. no luck. :( do i need to change some "manifest" file for snow leopard compatibility?

but again, as i said on the other comment, thanks again for this great piece of work! seriously, i find that your drawings hit just the right amount of simplicity and color while remaining significative and useful. many thanks!
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1) Now I so busy with new project.when I free I will re-design for u.
2)if you use candybar with other icons set restore to default and change icons app again
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There isn't the generic folder, but great set!
Really appreciate you extending the appicns set. It was missing so many but now the system is now set by your excellent work! Keep it up. Much thanks.
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These are quite awesome, thanks for sharing.
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Thank for your comment :)
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