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go watch the movie.
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They look absolutely wonderful!!

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It kinda looks like the danganronpa art style but maybe better

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Why is Kai so hot???:iconohnoesplz:

*pun Intensifies* 
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Because he's on Fire
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Oh my god, i can’t. lmaoooo
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This looks so epic!! 

Lloyd looks so cute! 😍 
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If only the movie was in this style *dies* :’>
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They look incredible! 
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I love Jay! He looks so cute! And Kai looks awesome!
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Jay for some reason reminds me of Yuma from Yugioh! ZEXAL....again, I dunno why
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lloyd kinda looks half snake but still looks awesome i love kai and cole and nya and zane and jay looks adorable!
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This has to be my absolute favorite of the movie versions so far. <3
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Your style is S-I-C-K!!!!!
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Digging Cole's headband :)
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Omg this brightened up my mood so much I love how you draw them! And yeah; I'll be watching the movie!
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These guys are brilliant! I love your style!
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