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A Million Years of Squeals by xEmoMuffinx A Million Years of Squeals :iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 2 0 The Tide of Wildebeest Stampedes by xEmoMuffinx The Tide of Wildebeest Stampedes :iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 0 1
The Reaping
Gale froze, a mixture of relief and horror.
Relief that it wasn't Katniss.
Horror that it was Prim.
For a long moment, he felt as though there was a buzzing in the air, and watched helplessly as little Prim finally shuffled forwards in her oversized clothes.
How was Katniss holding up?
Gale looked across to her. A split second later, she twitched out of her dumbstruck state and dashed forwards, screaming desperately, “Prim! Prim! I volunteer!”
Katniss, no –
“I volunteer as tribute!”
A hush fell over the crowd. Gale withdrew, closing his eyes. Not hearing.
This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening.
Then, a piercing cry cut into his reverie. Prim. Screaming and clinging onto Katniss.
Gale rushed towards her, peeling her tight fingers off from Katniss’ waist, as she shrieks, “No, Katniss! No! You can’t go!” He lifted her away, her arms and legs thrashing frantically, when Katniss turned a
:iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 0 0
Navigating the Global
7:09 AM.
The middle-aged woman fumbles with the brakes on her pram, as the train engine drones monotonously in her ears. Finally satisfied, she allows herself to drift asleep.
Across from her, Sharon shuts her laptop and crosses her stockinged legs. She looks out the train window at the blur of green and silver, then checks her watch.
Still time.
She watches the plainly dressed mother subconsciously nodding. Finding it hypnotic, she almost dozes off as well. It had been an exhausting night.
(Or early morning.)
2:03 AM.
Sharon typed mechanically; her fingers attacked the back-space key every now and again. Her tired eyes could no longer make sense of the dollar signs and the meaningless, hollow words. She was sick of this senseless jumble that “needed” to be periodically produced to appease the boss and “keep everything in order”. She took another swig out of her half-empty coffee cup, adjusted her tight bun and massaged her temples.
Her posi
:iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 0 4
Country woman, City girl
4 AM.
For the fifth time that morning, Akiko dragged herself out of bed to tend to her wailing baby. She could barely open her shadowed eyes, but she was used to it. Yet when the baby was finally satisfied and returned to a peaceful sleep, Akiko could not. She made her way out the house, taking in the cool air.
She half-wished she could hire a baby-sitter. Or a maid. Maybe even a cook.
Of course, the money her husband earnt was sufficient for their modest way of life, but that was it. A secret part of Akiko desired luxuries, a life of ease.
She worried for the future of her precious baby. She can’t live like this. It would be too hard. Old-fashioned.
Akiko blinked sleepily at the distant flashing city lights.
When she returned to the bedroom, she rummaged in the cupboard behind the stack of tatami mats for her collection of faded gold jewellery, and the wad of emergency cash.
I need a break.
Her mind fuzzy from fatigue, she couldn’t register the i
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Stay by xEmoMuffinx Stay :iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 0 0 Irony by xEmoMuffinx Irony :iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 1 9
Refugee Camp
Day after day
Nothing changes
We wait.
Caught in limbo,
The sparks of youth are lost
Even in children.
The sparks of hope
Live no more.
With nothing to call our own
We'd cry
But we lack the strength
Even to weep.
When the darkness sets
Closes in around us
We'd suffocate
But we have long since lost our breath
Our voice.
Members of authority come and go
Speaking of Utopias
Slowly (for time doesn't move),
We forget our names
Why we are here
Where we came from
Who we are.
All is dust.
The stillness kills me.
(But am I already dead?)
We wait.
Nothing changes
Day after day
:iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 4 17
She had no choice.
Lady Amelia stood by her bedroom window, watching blankly as the Duke's carriage left the courtyard. She knew she was supposed to be happy. Slowly, she turned away and approached her bedpost, leaning against it for support. Her throat clenched up; she wanted to cry.
But she didn't.
Five days.
Five more days, until – until…
Amelia sighed, and re-read her letters. She had had them pretty well memorised by now, but there was something strangely comforting in drowning in Reginald's words. She hadn't seen – or even heard from – him in a month.
He must have found out.
She looked up at the light grey clouds, trying to relive the last memory he had of him. The gentle morning breeze blew in her direction, but the rest of the letters, by her side, flew into the air. Paling, Amelia immediately stood up, hitched up her skirt and awkwardly chased her treasures. When she saw them land in the garden pond, she froze.
"Oh, dear Lord, no!"
In a frenzy, f
:iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 2 11
Learn to Savour, To Let Go
Staring at the ceiling as you trundle by, you think to yourself what a pity it is to have to leave the world at the peak of your life. There is so much left to do, so much left to see, to experience.
You want to curse that reckless, cowardly P-plater.
Then you hear buzzing noises, but your vision is hazy, and you can't match shifting shadow to muffled voice.
You do have a general idea of what's happening around you though. You feel someone brush your cheek, and you can recognise his warm touch immediately. The hand is soon gone, as you are wheeled away (much to your discontent).
Bright lights shine painfully above you, and you can't keep your heavy lids opened anymore...

- childhood innocence
Spots of pink begin to colour your normally pallid cheeks. Your tiny fingers tighten around the dirty straps of your school-bag, and your head is bent so low all you can see is the cracked pavement beneath you.
You think back to what you told the boy from the local hi
:iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 4 3
Are our lives...
... determined by fate?
:iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 0 7
48. Childhood
Wandering the streets with an innocent, vague look was a child who refused to acknowledge the fact that she was, indeed, lost. A streak of lightning split the sky, and as it opened up to let through sheets of rain, thunder echoed menacingly. At this point, the girl quickly sought shelter beneath a large tree by the sidewalk, hugging tightly to herself a worn-out doll, as well as a small case of her other treasured belongings.
She hummed softly to herself, but it failed to drown out the stubborn pattering of the rain.
Things will be alright, she repeated to herself. Everything will be fine.
Each time a loud crack of thunder jolted her, she would draw herself into a tighter ball, and nervously laugh it off.
I'm not scared. Not scared – not scared.
The seams of the doll started to split, as stubby little fingers dug into it. Its permanent frown seemed more pronounced than ever, and it wept tears of fluff for its owner, who was stubbornly gritting her teeth. Who w
:iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 1 8
Look over there - by xEmoMuffinx Look over there - :iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 2 1 Deviant ID 5 by xEmoMuffinx Deviant ID 5 :iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 1 12 The Ascent by xEmoMuffinx The Ascent :iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 0 4
The taste of war
When I survey this barren, bleak, cold place
My memories sting like drops of acid rain
The pain still lingers with a bitter taste –
Just how can I remove this stubborn stain?
Indiscriminate bullets pierce the sky
Bloodcurdling screams and echoes split the night
No longer could we hear our comrades cry
They'd fallen, cold and lifeless – sickening sight
As I survey this barren, bleak, cold place
My memories burn like soaked in acid rain
The pain still lingers with a bitter taste
I know I can't remove this stubborn stain
Enough to make one wonder why we exist
If all we live for in life just comes to this
:iconxemomuffinx:xEmoMuffinx 5 11




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And I've been considering doing a Masters degree in teaching after graduation.

I mean, I haven't exactly been active in getting internships in the media/TV/film industry, but I've been pretty busy with piano teaching and tutoring and I actually have experience in that regard (kind of)...

But what if I should be more active? What if I do get a job if I actually looked? Would I then still consider doing teaching?


*back to studying French*

(not really I'm just returning to YouTube derp)
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The way she's got the lovebirds perched on her fingers kind of reminds me of Snow White x) I see what you mean by the half cel/smooth s...

I think my favourite part of this is her hair. It looks very fluffy and wavy. However, the 'shine' lines, or streaks of light, look sor...

First thought upon seeing this: wow. You've managed to capture the Joker's chillingly haunting expression, and I like how the eyes aren...

by yurkary

Nice work on capturing the trademarks of a Taoist deity and redesigning them onto a female character. First off, it looks good. I love ...



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But fire is something not present in the wild. I wouldn't so much mind if it was an element like earth and water that was present in the wild but it's not. Plus if they did that to firebenders, they should have did that to airbenders also where they always need a wind. But than again, that would put 'Uung' at a disvantage and he is the main character amirite? XD; To me I always looked as it as each element was equal. Firebenders and Airbenders could create there bending material but you can't touch it and they can't turn it into a physical object. Earthbenders and Waterbenders bend objects you can touch. They can also bend them into walls, buildings, objects, etc. Making firebenders need a source puts them unequal with the rest.
Besides. What happens when they run out of fire? Unlike water they can't take there element from the ground if they drop it and Earth is practically almost everywhere. I think that making them not able to create fire makes a big plot hole for Sozin's Comet and makes the Firebends at a major disadvantage. I think it would have been better to do something like 'firebenders who think the source of fire is anger/rage are weaker and have less control than those who know the real meaning/source' which would still make Iroh pwnsome.

And as for the water/earth thing. That would be possible, but the thing is I believe that it would have happened earlier. Waterbenders don't ussually look for other things that have water due to the fact they either carry water with them or live around the water. Earthbenders never tried to bend metal since unlike Toph they couldn't tell there was earth in it or didn't know where it was.
I think if Firebenders needed fire that the first human firebenders may have asked the Dragons why they could breathe it without having a source.

Lol it's fine. I just like have intellect debates and discussions with people who don't block me for not agreeing. And here's a comic by rufftoon that pretty much explains how I feel about the Firebenders not being able to create fire.
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