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  • Listening to: 500 days of summer - Soundtrack
  • Reading: Steve Jobs - A biography
  • Watching: American Pie
  • Playing: Nothing at the moment.
  • Eating: Noodles - Will not change, EVER.
  • Drinking: Juice, oh YEAH!
Hello, my name is Victor and I'm too old, 19 years.
I have a girlfriend called Caroline, she's the most awesome person on this planet.
I like Photoshop and Programming stuff.
I have friends (who am I kidding? Forever alone).
I have no idea why I'm doing this, I'm bored, kthxbye.

OH, I'm listening to a french song right now, no idea what it's about, but it's kind of catchy. If you wondered.

Btw, check out my latest deviations, or are you a no-man? NO-MAN!
Just kidding, do it if you want to. (no shit)

hembadehem hemda macareeeeeeena, and I love alpacas, they are just.. Awesome.
  • Listening to: One Republic
  • Reading: Naruto
  • Watching: How I met your Mother
  • Playing: Jazz Jack Rabbit
  • Eating: Noodles
  • Drinking: Beer...
Hello my fellow Watchers.. (All of you two/one)..
Just wanted to say that I've uploaded some pictures and I'm in a good mood.
I hate corn, thanks.

Bye. ;)
  • Listening to: Sum 41
  • Reading: Naruto
  • Watching: Sum 41
  • Playing: Vicoscape
  • Eating: Everything..
  • Drinking: Sprite, cola..!
Hi just came home from a party.. Kinda tired, and i dont feel that im in that good mood... But i made a pic that i uploaded...
Hope ya like it...
What to do if you feel like you have all the shit and dont know where to throw it? x)
  • Listening to: Sum 41
  • Reading: Wolfbrothers 2
  • Watching: teve...
  • Playing: PSP
  • Eating: Food..
  • Drinking: Beer..... What answer do you want???
Hi i am kinda new at deviant art but i like it, even if i only have been here for 2 hours i really like it! So give me some tip what i can do here :P