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Twist Fate: I commented on Twist Fate!
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I don't mind this episode it wasn't my favorite episode, I agree it was rushed and should have been split into two episodes and if anything saved for the end of the series and generally could have been handled better. That doesn't mean I have an issue with Twilight becoming a princess or that I now hate the episode, the show or the innocent character; Twilight becoming an Alicorn makes a good deal of sense on paper and actually works fairly well with what's been seen (was initially planned) and foreshadowed. Honestly I find it a bit weird, I don't recall this kind of fuss being raised when the mind raping, innocent torturing, world destroyin
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Discord and Q, a discussion of fan views, characters and creative comparisons. In response to the "Keep Calm and Flutter On" episode, I have seen many Bronies saying that Discord redemption works because it's similar to Qs and I will conceded there was a slight but probably deliberate similarity when Discord and Q both promised to be less evil, but that's more or less it. Everything leading up to and surrounding this are so entirely different that comparing them doesn't really work and even if it did it doesn't make up for the horrific acts I their pasts. There are plenty of reasons why people might like Discord: he's male and apparently st
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I don't really want to be making this post, but I feel I found a way to summarize one of my reasons for disliking the "Keep Calm and Flutter On" episode. Many bronies have said that they would much rather live in the magical land of Equestria, instead of our crappy and corrupt real world. A real world where the wealthy and famous, can be celebrated for actions that would land normal people in jail. Where unrepentant criminals can escape justice because of a family name, an organisations power or tradition. We live in a world were people who commit some of the foulest and more horrific crimes can completely evade justice. Solely because someo
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