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SOOOO I FINALLY GOT APOPHYSISISISISS, I had to try it out and so this was the result XD. I present to you my first ever fractal nebula. The inspiration for this piece was from Taenaron's art, he has some amazing stuff, so I suggest you check it out. Anyway, the name Cradle is in reference to this nebula being a "cradle" for stars, basically stars are being made in this nebula. There is even a gas giant in there somewhere that may become a star eventually. Anyway hope you enjoy :D.

Also thanks to priteeboy for his amazing gas giant stock
Making gas giants myself at least to this quality would take too much time and effort, and I'm lazy so lel.

Update: decided to kill some of the trail as it was too distracting and do some touch ups :) 
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Hey thanks :), Glad you like it!
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That nebula actually came out pretty good. When you mentioned Apophysis on your comment I was expecting the worst (you know - those "plasma scribble" type ones) but this one looks more natural than that. The planets aren't bad either :)
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Ooh thanks a bunch! :D Yeah I always see those "fractal nebulas" which are pretty much fractals on a lighter than black background with colour dodge and overlay haha XD. So I decided to paint over them a fair bit to make them look less fractally :D. I'm glad you think it's decent :D, any good critique? I would love very much to improve :D
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The only critique I was going to add would be that the gas giant seems to be fading into the nebula, suggesting it's within it, but in a real life scale, any nebula that looked like that would be so much more massive and further away than any planet in here would be (the gas giant's distance could be measured in kilometers... granted, thousands of them. The nebula is probably still lightyears away from us) so the entire sphere of the gas giant would still be visible as it's well and truley in front of the nebula. Sometimes however this can be given a free pass if the scene is meant to have a surreal or dreamlike appearance to it, in which case - planets submerged in gas clouds look really cool. But if realism is the goal then you'd need to see the entirety of any planet in the scene that's close enough to even be visible. The other planet on the left looks really nice, but also transparent. It could probably have its night-side darkened too to help make it look more solid and also like its closer to us than the background too by being darker than it on that area.
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Ahhh I see :D. Thanks for all the critique. I actually struggled with that whilst making it haha, I was like.. should I make the planet darker or something XD. Oh right, that is very true, I guess I just gotta fix up how I blend stuff in then :D. I think I see what you mean now by it being transparent. It looks kind of misty, rather than a sphere, I'll have to remember to make my shadows darker than the background on any later pieces, and maybe try touch this one up a bit. I really appreciate you taking the time to critique my work, thanks again :D.
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Great pic! :) I think I see a big C in the structure, C for Cradle, yay :D Also it kinda feels like a fetus. A very primitive stage when you can't tell human from fish, that kind of fetus. :)
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:D thanks haha :D. I did not see that C LOL. I guess it does fit the title accordingly :D. Haha I didn't see that either XD.
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Fuck........dude come on how are you this good
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LOL IDK, it started out as a test since it was my first fractal EVER lol but somehow developed into that :S. Just kept on working on it lol.
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Very good work !! :thumbsup: ;)
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Hey, thanks a bunch :D!! 
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That is excellent! Stunning! I love the idea behind the name too :)
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Thank you!! :D glad you think so haha, yeah I actually had this idea for a while, but had no ideas on how to pull it off until now xD
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