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Chibi Axel - Kingdom Hearts
This was a request from a guy on, but I figured I'd share it with everyone else. This was actually a real pain to draw, at first I made the Chakrams way too small, and didn't realise it until after I'd lined and coloured it. What followed was me having to scale them up, move them close together, then alter every single line that was too thick inside the outline thinner, which took FOREVER!! But I digress, you can still see some mistakes if you look close but I don't think its too distracting. So yeah, Axel!! :D

Axel and Kingdom Hearts (c) to Square Enix
Art by :iconxelaalex:
Welcome to the crew Sobble!!

Sobble and Pokemon belong to the Pokémon Company
Art belongs to :iconxelaalex:

EDIT: At first I thought his tail was more tadpole like and tucked behind his back, but it turns out its more Squirtle-like so I've updated it >w<
Chinese Year of the Pig - Tian Niu from Blue Cat
Well its Chinese New Year again, and as usual I have to draw some Chinese animation fanart to celebrate - and of course, most of that fanart will always be of the wonderful series The 3000 Whys of Blue Cat <3

So this is Tian Niu, which translates to Sweet Girl, she doesn't see much action as part of the Blue Cat franchise and as far as I'm aware is simply a childhood friend of the cast, particularly Green Mouse Naughty, and mainly appeared in the earlier seasons of the show when it was aimed more at kids.

For those who aren't aware, The 3000 Whys of Blue Cat was a long running Chinese animated educational children's show that downright captivated me the first time I watched it way back in December of 2005 when I was on holiday in China with my Mom, and since then it has become my all time favorite animated series. Despite never being translated into English, through gorgeous animation and music it made me feel downright emotional, and extremely invested in the characters through well chosen works of animation despite being low budget and having an extremely simple art style. In short, this show is an absolute wonder, and I am extremely pleased to call it the main inspiration for my current art style. Even if the show is officially over, it will always remain alive in my heart and in my art~

Blue Cat and Tian Niu were (c) to Sunchime Cartoons
Art (c) to :iconxelaalex:
Kingdom Hearts Oliver
Well, I'm not thinking of buying Kingdom Hearts 3 until I'm sure I will enjoy it, but I can still draw something to celebrate it!! So how about my favorite Disney character with his very own Keyblade? X3 Seriously though, if ANYTHING from Oliver & Company makes it into KH3 I'mma buy it on the spot!!

I went a bit nuts with the Keyblade here, tried to incorporate as many elements from the film as possible. The tip of the blade is Fagin's motor scooter, the second edge is Jenny's hair, the collar and tag are of course those Jenny bought for Oliver, the piano keys are Jenny's piano (I love Good Company so much ;w;) the handle is a combination of Oliver's stripes and collar and finally we have two city buildings to represent good ol' New York. Its a bit slapdash and simplistic as keyblades go but I like to think that fits a very simplistic and slapdash movie as it was, far from perfect but with enough charm that it became my childhood favorite.

Oliver (c) to Disney
Keyblades (c) to Square Enix
Fairy-like Binaria Design
Yep, another design for my cyberdudes...I think this is the fourth? Anyway, I decided to make them more sleek and give them wings instead of a tail-wings with fingers that is! Yep, always seeking to make the biggest hands possible =w= and I wanted to give a design like this a try.

Do you guys like this more than the old design? Let me know what you think!! And yeah, they'd normally be glowing, I just decided not to for this picture.

Again Binaria are the dominant species on the virtual Earth known as Cybertopia, where they feed on raw data left behind from deleted files and get sick from computer viruses, they live mostly the same way humans do as humans taught them their ways, but they were not created by humans as everything else in their world was.

Binaria and art are (c) to :iconxelaalex:
So after yesterday writing my synopsis of 2018, its time for me to discuss my plans for 2019. First of all, this is likely to be the year that I move away from home and begin my new life as an English teacher in a foreign country!! I don't exactly know where, but my hopes are to get a job in Singapore first of all, ideally teaching children, I'm extremely excited to make it happen and can't wait to find out what's in store for me!!

Next, I would like to discuss some of the games I am particularly excited for next year, and on top of my list of most awesome games 2019 will be the one and only DREAMS!!!! Media Molecule's big next generation create-your-own videogame experience for PS4!!! I am honestly way too excited about this game, and have been since the concept was still announced. In short, the game will allow the player to create their own entire games out of clay, but not only that but characters made in the game can be assigned to the PS4 controller's gyroscope and buttons, allowing them to be moved as puppets, in other words you can expect 3D puppet shows involving my characters in the near future!! I am SO EXCITED!!!!

The other game I'm very much looking forward to is Ship of Heroes, an independently developed science fiction MMORPG about a spaceship the size of a metropolitan city where everyone is a superhero or supervillain, and everyone gets to go on all kinds of crazy adventures throughout the galaxy. This is a spiritual sequel to City of Heroes, a game from 2005 that I almost got the chance to play, but never did. Now I have a newfound interest in the genre, this is going to be a very interesting and exciting experience!!

Finally, I have a lot of plans for the future of my own art. First of all, an extra big thanks to :iconferroth: for promising to help me further improve both my 3D modelling and my 2D art over the course of 2019, and hopefully by the end I should be able to create both to a relatively professional level. I'm also planning on starting commissions for 3D character models, which will be usable in games such as VRChat, Sonic World and any other games I learn to mod them into. Next I'm hoping to master the art style termed Kemono, a very adorable Japanese style of anthromorphic art, where characters tend to have smaller bodies, but massive paws, hips and feet. I've been interested in the style for a long time, and I decided its time to have a go at it myself!!

I hope you all have an epic 2019, here's to an awesome year!! :D
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Zaphkiellane Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, I appreciate the watch! 
xelaalex Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2018
You're welcome! Your art style is honestly breathtaking, it reminds me of the old Beatrix Potter style and I absolutely love it!! I felt kinda shy about talking though, so I decided to follow and see if you got back to me ;w; I appreciate your doing so!
Zaphkiellane Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks I usually like to draw cozy, inviting, more classical type of anthro drawings, and yes Beatrix Potter is and admitted inspiration. I'm a little shy at first myself but feel free to ask or comment about anything you like. 
xelaalex Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2018
Yeah, right on! I always wished I could draw in Beatrix Potter's style, but I lack the technical skills ;w;

Well, I guess I was wondering if you took commissions, since I'd absolutely love to see my characters in your ravishing art style~
BruceKangaroo Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018
i love it ,thanks ^^
xelaalex Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018
You're welcome dude ^^ Merry Early Christmas!!
BruceKangaroo Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018
Merry Christmas too ^^
xelaalex Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018
Thank you!! >w< Mixels sounds like fun, I never heard of it before, is it a game?
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i like your art style ^^
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Why thank you ^^ just for that, have a picture~…
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