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Pikodrake - Open Adopt (please read description)
Short term statistics: (read below for a more detailed description)
Species name: Pikodrakes
Size: between 1 and 2 metres, 3 to 5 heads height
Lifespan: 30-40 years
Habitat: Prefers mild climates, can survive in hotter or colder climates
Intelligence: Roughly identical to human IQ, can speak
Colors: Commonly found any colour between blue and yellow, rarely found in any colour between orange and purple
Patterns: Geometrically patterned, between 2 and 3 colours
Traits: What appear to be ears are in fact a neck frill. Frill and tail lengths vary, frill can be as small as depicted here or as long as half their body length, tail can vary between half body length to twice their body length. Can channel magic, they make good magical familiars.


Hey everyone! I've been working on these guys for a while this year, and I figured it was about time to introduce them to everyone! This is a Pikodrake, squirrel/ferret-like creatures that are related to dragons. What appear to be wings on either side of its head are in face a frill that goes around the back of their head, these can still be flapped up and down like wings and are used to display emotions. Their fluffy tails are prehensile, so they can be used as limbs to hang from trees or as a means to communicate. Though this one has its tail curled around, they are normally held out straight.

These creatures prefer mild climates with clear weather, but are able to survive in cold and hot climates if necessary. They eat most plants, assuming they are safe to eat, and are also fond of nuts. They generally have a moderate level of intelligence, though it is not unusual for some to rival humans in terms of overall IQ. The most common colour variation lie between blue and yellow on the colour spectrum, whilst orange to purple are much rarer. They generally have simplistic geometric body patterns with two or three colors overall, with eyes normally being a different color from the rest of the body. They are generally 1 to 2 meters tall, and most are fairly thinly built, designed for moving swiftly and having high levels of agility, but some may be more stocky, they can also vary from 3 to 5 heads in height.

I've been considering getting into adoptables for a while now, and I liked this idea a lot! I hope you like them too!! I have some more reference pictures that I will post below. Though these guys have no natural hair of their own, they do enjoy wearing wigs of various styles. They are very friendly and curious creatures and are able to talk. They make great magical familiars and companions for those inclined to keep them. Sometimes they might come with larger head frills too, frills as long as their bodies!!! I hope everyone likes these and might consider making one for themselves! Please give credit to me if you decide to do so!!

Pikodrakes and art (c) to :iconxelaalex:

The name Pikodrake comes from drake - a wingless dragon and Piko is just cute :3

Thanks to :iconzoologykam: for help with the description!!
Long time no see old friend (Please read below)
So I drew a picture to celebrate the Crash Bandicoot remakes so its about time I drew one to celebrate the Spyro remakes. Not sure if I like how Alex Magnei looks here, I guess he's not very "photogenic" when drawn from the side like most cuter more animal-like characters, but I digress.

So earliest favorite series of 3D platform games before Sonic came into my life and blew my mind with the wonderful first impression that was Sonic Adventure. Sadly I began to neglect Spyro, not buying a single one of his games after Season of Ice on Gameboy Advance in 2001. I definitely didn't miss any particularly good games, but at the same time the Sonic series has been feeding me disappointment after disappointment.

The only Sonic games I could honestly say I'm a big fan of are Sonic Adventure, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Rush Adventure but all the others failed to live up to my expectations. With that said, Sonic Forces was nothing but a kick in the balls. Finally a Sonic game that would be good, with 4 years of development instead of the usual one or two, and what do we get? A soulless cash-grabbing mockery of a game with very little in terms of new ideas, an insultingly generic story that stole most of its ideas from Sonic Adventure 2 - a game I already despised - and basically no promises of better things to come in the future.

With that said, and with the pure care and effort that went into creating the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, I have decided its time to give up on the Sonic series and simply enjoy the games that came before, whilst the future if the Reignited Trilogy is anything to go by looks all too bright for my first big platforming hero, and its time for me to recapture the essence of my youth and declare Spyro the Dragon as my all time favorite platforming videogame series, and one of my all time favorite franchises of all time.

It may have been a very long 20 years Spyro, but thank you for being there for me still, and lets hope for a positive future for the both of us.

Spyro the Dragon (c) to Toys for Bob and Activision
Alex Magnei and art (c) to :iconxelaalex:
Nakai Seiche Deltai School Dance 2018
Nakai Seiche again, this time dressed up for a Halloween dance (yeah its late, but that's just how it is in Deltai I guess) he is dressed up as the Hawaiian God Ku, or rather the depiction of him from the upcoming game Nightmarchers (which is HYPE!!!)

This was done for :icondeltai-academy:, the group's first event!!

Nakai Seiche (c) to :iconxelaalex:
Deltai Academy belongs to :iconsnas-z:

Link to character application…
Deltai Academy App - Nakai
So here I go again, found a new Pokemorph roleplay to join, but I think this time it really will finally be a group worth joining ;w;

:icondeltai-academy: is a Pokemorph roleplay combining the tried and true high school setup with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon style exploration and adventure~ The owner is really nice and respectful and has made me feel so very welcome ;w; I've been waiting like half a year for this group to open and today it finally has!! I would instantly recommend anyone who might be interested to join in, because this is one group that is fresh off the block and should be a ton of fun~

Name: - Nakai Seiche
Nicknames- Naki
Age- 15
Birthday- August 21st
Gender- Male
Weight- 75 lbs
Height- 4'01''

Species- Alolan Raichu
Abilities- Surge Surfer
Level- 17

S T A T S 

Ferocity ::
Constitution :: 6
Stealth :: 5
Wit :: 5
Charm :: 7
Grace :: 4

Health :: 
Physical Attack :: ★★☆
Special Attack :: ★★★☆☆
Physical Defense :: ★☆☆
Special Defense :: ★★☆☆☆
Movement Speed :: ★★


Egg Move

Lv. Physical Moves
[o10] Quick Attack 

Lv. Special Moves
[001] Psychic
[001] Thundershock
[001] Thunderbolt
[013] Electro Ball

Lv. Status Moves
[oo1] Tail Whip
[oo5] Growl
[007] Play Nice

Non-Lv. Moves
[044] Rest

Linked Moves

S C H O O L  S T U F F

School ID

Year- second

D E T A I L E D  I N F O R M A T I O N

Nakai is a relaxed and generally friendly 'morph, he may come across as laid back and lazy but he longs for adventure and won't pass down the chance to explore new places. His cheerful attitude is a positive influence on those around him, even if he sometimes lacks in confidence himself he can help others build up confidence with his friendly and energetic demeanor. He's generally easy to get along with, though his naivete can come across as annoying and he may as more questions than a typical 'morph would be happy to answer. He is understanding though, and if told to back down he will, he just may come across as boisterous at first. He hopes to be friends with most of those around him, and will certainly return any act of kindness in any way he can. He does however have a deep rooted fear of the ocean, owing to events from his past that have left a lasting impression on him.
   Positive traitsKind / Honest / Friendly 
   Negative traitsBoistrous / Anxious / Naive 
   Neutral traitsRelaxed / Cheerful / Inquisitive 

    As a young Pichu, Nakai enjoyed the simplicities of life in Alola, relaxing by the beach with his parents and eating Malasadas whilst watching the waves go by. Even as a kid, he had a strong urge to go exploring, and had little care for the potential dangers that could be awaiting out there past the horizon. His parents, a female Pikachu named Pua 'Oelana and male Quilava named Ashe Firestorm, raised him relative seclusion and were always sure to watch out for him whenever he went to play with his friends. Though Nakai did not mind this, having a very strong loving relationship with his parents, this did begin to take its toll on his self confidence as he believed he would be unable to make friends and explore without their influence, as well as leading him to have a very sheltered lifestyle. He was overall a happy and cheerful kid however, and didn't allow his self-doubts to get him down.

During his early school days, Nakai instantly latched onto his teachers, who he began to see as his "temporary" parents, and was always sure to treat them with love and respect. This began his first time interacting with other 'morphs on a wide basis, and though he met his fair share of enemies, his close ties to the teachers made certain that nothing particularly bad happened to him during his time there, though he did begin to formulate an understanding of the wider world from his classmates, further building his longing and interest in the wider world outside of the island he called his home. This would push Nakai to later request his parents take him on a holiday, on a ferry ride to see new places. He passed primary school with little difficulty, and to celebrate his parents finally took him for that boat trip.

When he learned that he would finally get to see the world, Nakai was overjoyed, so much to the point that he evolved into a young Pikachu, however he had no idea what was to come. During this fateful boat trip, a freak storm would whip up, causing the ferry to lurch and a massive tidal wave would cause his father to fall overboard....Nakai would never see or hear from his father again. This traumatic event caused something inside poor Nakai to snap, and he spent the rest of the trip huddled in his mother's arms, and after finally safely making his way back home, he would never allow himself to willingly look at the ocean ever again. His urge to adventure was now eclipsed by an extreme fear of the ocean waves. This would last him through to his teenage years, where as a surprise Birthday present he received a Thunderstone, which he soon used to evolve to the form he is now.

Beginning to develop psychic powers, Nakai shortly after realised that he had the capability to read the minds of others. Though he had not as yet gained full control over this power, he was able to use it to see the worlds that those around him came from, all the sights and smells they would remember from their home islands and the tastes of the fruits that would grow there. Though he was still terrified of the ocean, these senses would end up pushing Nakai's lust for adventure even further, causing him to want to travel and explore even moreso than ever before. To this end, he asked his mother what he should do about this, and his mother suggested that he should enroll for the Deltai Academy Dungeoneering school, where he would learn survival skills and be allowed to go on various quests in far off places, with help from his team mates. To this end, Nakai took a flight to the expansive continent of Galaa, the location of Deltai Academy.

It was a strange feeling, yet calming to be so far from the sea for the first time in his life, though Nakai's self doubts were as strong as ever. This would be the first time he would live without his parents within each reach, and though he felt confident in his abilities to look after himself, he doubted his abilities to make friends with complete strangers. He would hopefully meet kind and understanding Pokemorphs at Deltai Acadamy who would take him in as a new friend and help him fit in with the other more self-confident 'morphs. His dreams of adventure may finally be about to come true, and who knows, maybe he would return to Alola a changed 'morph, a Pokemorph who has no fear of the ocean and a Pokemorph who can help others who had to go through what he went through.


- Normal Rank
Team Name- no
Partners- nope
Roles- Tactician, scout

E X T R A S 
   these are optional, but can be fun!

Hobbies- Relaxing, exploring, chilling out with friends, playing pahu pa'i (Hawaiian drum made out of shark skin)
Skills- Pahu Pa'i, mind reading

Likes- The sound of the wind blowing through trees, relaxing with friends, helping others
Dislikes- The ocean, mean-spiritedness, being forced into things he doesn't want to do

Romantic Orientation- Straight
Sexual Orientation- Grey-Asexual

Zodiac- Cancer

Trivia- Despite being from Alola, Nakai is fluent in Johto culture, his father showing him many of the traditions and cultural aspects of his home region. These are his fondest memories of his time with his lost father. Because of this, Nakai finds it easier to get along with others from Johto.

- Nakai's mother was fond of flower arrangement and taught Nakai many things about the flora of Alola as well as flowers abroad, this gives Nakai advanced knowledge of plants and herbs.

- Nakai's mind reading ability is not well developed, he cannot read a person's thoughts directly and he also can't read memories to any specific detail. In short, what could be several paragraphs worth of information to a pure developed psychic type would be as a single sentence to Nakai. He can only vaguely read minds, nothing that would let him know exactly who a person is or what they're thinking.

This is Nakai my new Alolan Raichu-morph, he's a nice and friendly guy if a little naive, and he always tries to understand and help those around him, unfortunately he has a deep rooted fear of the ocean (thallassophobia, a phobia of the ocean and seawater) owing to losing his father in a seriously strong storm during a pleasure cruise. All he can remember is being unable to breathe, before his mother was able to rescue him, he was only a Pichu at the time. Because of this, he hopes that going to Deltai will help him overcome his fear so that he can go out and hopefully find out what happened to his Dad someday.
Kemono Alex Magnei
Now this is something I haven't done in a while, designed a new form for my sona Alex Magnei X3

This happened after a friend came back from a Furcon and showed me a bunch of photos, I figured heck why not? And made myself a fursuit (of sorts, its more like a holographic disguise in Alex Magnei's world) making this the first of Alex Magnei's forms to be canon to his universe but not being a videogame-specific digital appearance for him to take when he enters inside the worlds of videogames to play them from the inside. I someday plan to go to a Furcon myself, and if I can get someone to make this into an actual fursuit that would be slick. This is also very much inspired by the works of my good friend :iconnapkit:

Also I'm supposed to be a Fennec in this form, Fennec Foxes being my second favorite animal after river otters :3 that's also why my ears are huge in this form X3

Kemono Alex Magnei and art (c) to :iconxelaalex:

Edit: I made the ears more fox-like, they were way too rabbit-like before. Still huge though :3

Era Badge - Modern Times by KetLike-masterlist Eternity Hourglass Badge by KetLike-masterlist


Masterlist ID|  #182

Level | 0

Current exp | 0

Bubble add-ons | none
Traits |
Ears: Long
Fur: Short
Extras: None
Mutations: None



Pets and Companions






  • Listening to: Johnny Marr\'s awesome album The Messenger
  • Playing: Playstation 4


Alex Magnei
United Kingdom
Current Residence: North Wales
Favourite genre of music: videogame/ Ok rock
Favourite photographer: Peter Parker the amazing Spiderman
Favourite style of art: manga probably
Operating System: AOL (if that is what it means ^^;)
MP3 player of choice: er... the one I've got.... lol
Shell of choice: pardon
Wallpaper of choice: Jolteon (coloured myself from…
Skin of choice: (What the hell does this mean??!)
Favourite cartoon character: Ant hill mob, Wacky Races. Lala from Bluecat *Star Wars series: "A girl from space"*
Personal Quote: If you aren't dangerous I don't mind you talking to me. I'm kinda mature for my age.



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Zaphkiellane Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks I usually like to draw cozy, inviting, more classical type of anthro drawings, and yes Beatrix Potter is and admitted inspiration. I'm a little shy at first myself but feel free to ask or comment about anything you like. 
xelaalex Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Yeah, right on! I always wished I could draw in Beatrix Potter's style, but I lack the technical skills ;w;

Well, I guess I was wondering if you took commissions, since I'd absolutely love to see my characters in your ravishing art style~
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