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My Old 'Classic' deviantart gallery


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My Old 'Classic' deviantart gallery


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Jellicle's Creed - Frozen Memories

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The Assassin's Way - Frozen Memories

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Tyranny of Queen Elsa - Frozen Memories COMPLETE

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Wanda Maximoff character sheet

Character Sheets

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War of the North Frozen Memories updated summary

Frozen Memories 2 War of the North

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Frozen Memories Revelations Poster

Frozen Memories Revelations

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Map of Catfishtown

Jellicle's Creed Series

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Serenity tiger appearance

Character avatars

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Project One series

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The Crane vs The Hook part 4

The Crane vs The Hook Chapter 4 Margin of Error June 30th 2059 London England The last time my son and I spoke it was when Crane had left Pirate City after ovberhearing Hooks plan for her. She decided to return to the Lost Boys tree and get some much needed sleep. At that point I had halted; my son took me home, we had dinner with my wife and his sister. Then I went to bed myself But now I am waiting for my son to arrive to hear the next part of the tale. As he stepped into to the house and saw me, I saw he had with him a wristphone active and ready to record. I smiled. "I see you are ready" I said, he nodded. "Good, let us continue....."

The Crane vs The Hook

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Nymeth and Belyrr Shadowling Twins Poster

Hidden Past Secret Future - Offlined

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Amusing Oneliners part 6

501. As the light changed from red to green to yellow and back to red again, I sat there thinking about life. Was it nothing more than a bunch of honking and yelling? Sometimes it seemed that way. 502. If I were someone who knew something, who could I tell that would believe me? 503. Laugh at your problems; everybody else does. 504. Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour? 505. Climbers aim for the summit because it is there. Bungi jumpers dive off the top because they aren’t all there. 506. I don’t like people who take drugs... Customs Officers for example. 507. Keyboard not detected. Press F1 to continue

Random musings...

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Two Ancient Souls

Elsa and Mark

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Once Upon a Time short stories

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Take me on Cindy!

Elsa and Anna

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Surrounded by Memories

Queen Elsa's folder

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A Family Legacy - Summary

"It never occurred to us that we had a connection to the Force. It was our path to freedom on Tython from the Hutt Slavers. We never even knew we had a family that had been searching for us for twelve years either. You think it was a shock to learn Cart was our older brother ? What about meeting him and our older sister and learning more about the Sunrider legacy as a whole ?" 3366-3346 BBY, planet Cathar, five generations of a powerful legacy of Cathar are born to a single family over a twenty year period, each litter producing two to three kittens. The oldest generation, two kittens, born a day apart, the oldest Caritoru. and his sister,

A Family Legacy

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Kanwars Sword

Character Weapons

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House of Smurf fl 1 Completed

House of Smurf

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Bluemane Refelection quote

Journal of Griddlebone the White

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Ada in thought

Lake's Folder

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Swallowtail 'Seriously ?'

Swallowtail's Folder

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Jumanji Stone


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