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Give us DA back please.

FUCK Eclipse - Feel free to use by Xein000, visual art

Commission Prise sheet - 2020-11-23

Commission Prise sheet - 2020-11-23 by Xein000, visual art

Xein000 - Example art, updates to show newest art

Xein000 - Example art 2020 by Xein000, visual art


Oct 6 - Frighten by Xein000, visual art

Commissions are Open! Check my commission widget.

Commissions - CLOSED [Slots 5/5] by Xein000, visual art

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Hi all.

I got core for a month atm 1st time I'm trying it so let's see how it goes. Commissions will be open here, points only, you can still try and offer art and else and I will see if I accept. Beside that I hope you have a good day, night, or what it may not be for you.

Saving this here so it's easy to find.




- Will update this later maybe -

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Okay, the staff, admins of Gachagon-Keep just proved to me this group should be avoided. Please avoid them before they start to accuse you of doing or being things that you are not. Apparently being kind is a bad thing and people are too sensitive these days. They had problems with me, didn't DM me on discord, accused me of things and hurt my feelings. I decided to give their CS a chance and wow, I joined just a few days ago and they banned me in record time. If anyone accuse you of arguing take that as a warning flag and run, don't look back, just leave as quickly as you can. I would advice you to stay away from groups/people that can't even talk. Note: It's bad to: 1, Learn more about a group/species, they can take it in the wrong way. 2, Don't try and be kind, you may be punished for it and put in time out for reasons you might not even understand. 3, Don't try to even defend yourself, you no longer got the right to do so. 4, Be ready that they will use whatever you say
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Open adopts

Open adopts:

Feathered raptors:

Feathered Raptor adopt 4 - Open
Feathered Raptor adopt 5 - Open


Feathered Oviraptor Adopt 1 - Open

What I accept: Points on DA (At least 50 points or more), Characters, Art

Can also accept: Games paid on Steam (must be same region), or payment there (if you want to pay with money in some way), sending the amount owed by digital steam gift card instead.

May also accept a mix of points + art

Donation Pool


If you like what I do/create feel free to support me here, thank you.

75/1 points
Thanks to everyone who donated! You helped me reach my goal!

Commission info

Commissions are Open!

Commissions are Open!



Commission Prise sheet - 2020-11-23

What I will draw: Look at my gallery to see what I will draw.

Mostly draws: Animals, creatures, feral, sometimes anthro or humanoid.

Extremely rare: Humans

Newest art, enjoy!

Newest art, enjoy!

Cute creature

Temp Special offer

Temp Special offer


Atm: None, check back another day.

Thank you for coming by.

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