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Sticker for CoverGloobus

Sticker - skin for CoverGloobus

Hope you like it ;)

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very nice !! This is Great idea to live squires
Great theme, simple install - thanks! I was just curious, could we get a smaller version, perhaps? Is it scalable?
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It's been a while since I used covergloobus (and genereally linux os) but I think there's an option to scale skins in covergloobus preferences.
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how about a bowtie version? ;)
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I don't have Mac, but feel free to port it :)
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great bro, thnx, really :) :) :)
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wow, very original and awesome ^ ^ thanks you!
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it seems that doesnt work good on lucid lynx, album art doesnt display properly... i guess is just me. damn!!
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I have the same problem, but on Pardus with KDE... The mask doesn't do his work xD
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Nice me wants it for CAD =P
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I'm sorry, but i'm not making skin for CAD :p You can port it if you want :D
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Thanks..your skin is awesome anyway=)
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No problem, thank you :)
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Looks really awesome! :)
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Awesome dude! Just awesome! xD
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Fachowa robota! Jeden mały problem - jak zmniejszam rozmiar choćby o "raz", okładka troszkę wystaje spod białej ramki. Rzuć na to okiem : [link]
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To bug w aplikacji, autor już o nim wie i spróbuje to naprawić ;)
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