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I got my 4th DD yesterday wow, and Im not in here very much lately. Thank you so much! Nowdays I paint only in watercolors no photomanipulations at all. I guess I have forgotten how to work in ps lol. That period is over and I love to paint in watercolors, and so happy that it was a watercolor that got a DD :heart:
Thank you all so much, and much love..


Sitting on the train back from my Easter holiday vacation, I browsed through my messages and saw that I got a DD for my painted "Coffee in the Garden"
I couldn't believe it!! Its a fabulous feeling to receive a DD

Coffee in the Garden by xeena-dragonkizz

Thank you all so much for favs, and wonderful comments..
And thank you so very much :iconlindartz: for suggesting it
and for :iconmoonbeam13: For the feature of my work
I feel very blessed and very grateful :hug:

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Today I got this very lovely gift from my very dear friend Shelley :iconsilentplea:   Being a cancer, Im really loving  the water art, with elements out of the sea...
Thank you so very very much, I was so happy to have this gift today. Its so soft, soul catching and devine.... :glomp:

Sea Rock by SilentPlea
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Feature time, for ONE artist only I find it easier to feature one at the time, and artists that I find in a way captivating, unique and also a bit surreal, there are so many talented artist here of course, but I find those that tell a story and those that are a bit quirky and different very exciting and appealing....
This time it's Troy Brooks from Canada :icontroybrooks: with the feminine and surreal faces, that are very unique to me..enjoy a few of them!!  Happy Friday :heart:

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Now the autumn is turning into winter, its time to be more creative and to stay more indoors..
This evening I stumbled over a gallery that simply twisted my heart around, and took my breath away!! I love every single piece in her gallery, so emotional, expressive, unique, surreal, dreamy, and extraordinary use of colors and light..she's been her only for 7 months and recently was awarded with a DD, well deserved. Big Congratulations to
:iconthegirlcansmile: Pay her a visit, and enjoy all of her lovely and creative gallery :iconflowerdanceplz: I picked a few that I really, really loved...:heart:

Dreamer by thegirlcansmileFish head by thegirlcansmileTeddy by thegirlcansmileBlues from the wild by thegirlcansmile
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Just  breefly wanted to say, I do not spend much time in here anymore, life is buzy keeping up with a fulltime work, and the free time goes to my darling pup Leila,,3 years now, and just living life!! I have not been that creative with photomanips, but even more so with photography..spending more of my online time on instagram..
Maybe I will return, some day, but for now I do not have my heart in here anymore...and I do not have the creative force to spend time on photomanips...
I love this time of year, and I love beeing outdoors as much as possible..
Sending much love, to all my friends, and watchers,  and a very happy summer from my darling pup Leila and I....take care, and happy creating :love:
My Cutest Little Friend by xeena-dragonkizz
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