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Spring, one of my favorite seasons...changes in nature...changes inside...changes all around...recently there haven't been much time to spend time in here or with my ps..I have one piece that is almost finished, and it took me work on it!!

I do however come in on occation and read comments and journals etc..but rarely need the urge to vent or talk that much about myself. I want my art to speak for me, but sometimes I do read that people are sad because they feel neglected and not ALL of there works gets faved!! We aren't all here all the time..and I like to have the freedom to fav or comments on the pieces that I really like not only because they are on my watch list only. I might be wrong, but also I like to think and hope and believe that someone actually likes my art enough to fav and comment not only because one expects a fav in return. I often noticed this behaviour..and it puzzles me a bit!! Support is great, but I like to fav what I like whenever I can, and also I do not expect those that watch me to fav all that I submit but from the very heart of what you like, and appreciate...
Thank you for listening..

I'm in a turbulent phase of pure bliss, in what mother nature are serving atm, I spend my Saturdays on a three hours hike with my backpack and my dog!! I'm also in a phase of travelling up and down suffering from these annual depressions that on occation holds me back and down, and makes me over sensitive and more introvert. As artists I have learned that we are prone to that and I try to handle it the best I can, no meds for me!! Trying to focus on beeing outdoors as much as possible and souk up all the good daylight, I feel as if my brain almost shrinked up during the long dark winters here lol..There is plenty of work in the store with the visual display work, and I find myself beeing so tired all the time, going to bed very early!! Anyways love to all of you, and apologizes for not faving, or commenting enough :hug: or finding energy enough to make a feature!! Bye for now..:wave:

"Change of Life
When You Change Your Thinking,
You Change Your Beliefs...! !
When You Change Your Beliefs,
You Change Your Expectations...! !
When You Change Your Expectations,
You Change Your Attitude...! !
When Change Your Attitude,
You Change Your Behaviour...! !
When You Change Your Behaviour,
You Change Your Performance...! !
When You Change Your Performance,
You Change Your Life"

By - Ashish Gutgutia


Mixed Faves FEATURED....

Time for Love by Forestina-Fotos:thumb289278301: Fallen by MonaParvin Tale of a City (Budapest) by KingaBritschgi Happy Valentine's Day 2018 by KarinClaessonArt:thumb282993673: Venice by kowelvain Feelings by kowelvain:thumb288088250: The hairdresser by MadeByRona Cupid by Nataly1st Full In love rider by Alosa:thumb214551526::thumb292535308::thumb290302298:
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Thanks for the feature Asa :cuddle:

About the story you wrote; I totally agree with you.
I often thought by making a statement in a stamp with the text; Don't fave my work because I fave yours....
But I don't want to offend anybody here, I'm afraid of being not understood and get angry reactions, I just want to be with friends here on DA.
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Thank you very much for the feature! :hug:
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Beautiful collection of artworks my dear :hug: It is an honor to be part of this beautiful journal, thank you so much dear :love::rose::hug:
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If someone is complaining about being faved then I drop them....I reason it this way Asa.

Friends are suppose to be polite, understanding, and friendly. They have lives to live as you do. You do not live for them and they do not live for you, each are meant to live for them selves and should conduct their private lives accordingly.

If someone "needs" to be faved, personally noticed, or even babied on this site then go hire a nanny. Its ridiculous to think that we live our lives just to live theirs!!!! They need to grow up and find their lost lives some where else.

I have never made a fav I didn't like and I have passed on many of my friends art because it doesn't appeal to me and I expect the same in return. Its an honest policy and frankly you will be hard pressed to find people on here acting this way.

I like you the way you are and don't change for anyone or thing!!!
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Stephen, that is a wonderful statement that mix perfectly with my personal opinion..first I read it on my phone, and the avatar didn't show up, so I didn't know who was actually writing it!!

I'm sometimes so amazed at the 'sobbing' and constant complaining about "I'm not good enough" "not popular enough" not getting plenty of faves/page views or attention..people should realize that this art site is HUGE..SO many talented artists all around the world, and I consider it a bonus, anytime, anyone takes the time to actually SEE my art in the first place!! ART..isn't about running around like crazy trying to be popular!! AND for what?? If you work on a professional base that might be, but so many of us are not!!

I'm very grateful for the 'genuine' friends I have met, on here, and for there honest opinion,,people should fav what they like, no matter what..not for any other silly reason!! The popularity game in here, is certainly not to my liking..and when they stop coming, because I didn't fav there works in a while, then it speaks tons to's silly, and immature and has NOTHING to do with art.

I value a good honest comment, more than anything..because that shows to me, they take time and have a genuine heart!! Also I DO understand we all do the fav and manage our lives, it's simply impossible to do otherwise. BUT the art that I fav, is the art that I enjoy, for one reason or the other!!
Could be anything, colors, details, subject..doesn't matter to me if it's technically perfect, it has to have a heart, a nerve, something that speaks to me.
Something that holds perhaps and hopefully a signum or shows a bit of soul of the artist.

Whats the reason to complain anyways? Does it give you more faves..does it give you more respect as an artist..more attention..does it make you grow, as a person or artist? The world isn't fair, we all know that..some get attention, some don't..thats the way it is.
All you can do, is try (for your very own sake) to grow, to improve, to learn, and to practise, and most of ALL enjoy what you do, for your VERY own sake. You can't please all, thats why you have to strive to please yourself..The rest, is a bonus, at least it is to me.

We all have different taste, thats why I also don't care, when I get declined in a group these days. I simply leave the group and thats it..(If its not delivered constructive, or polite) I will not allow someone to put me down in misery, just because they do not like my art. On the other hand constructive critique, that is something else. BUT that takes a mature, viewer and artist..someone that can deliver critique in a respectful way. NOT only to say "I don't like the color" things are personal opinions, and that is what I see in the groups, over and over!!
Thank you Stephen, for your most valuable, professional and great statement..and I will definately stay the same that I have always been, I treasure 'genuine' before anything else!! And I want to be true to myself..:hug:
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You have written a beautiful reply Miss Asa.

Your absolutely correct and I have known this about you from the beginning and that's why we have remained solid friends for such a long time.

You have always been real, personable, understanding, and warm. But most of all you have remained YOU....I like YOU....and that is all that matters to good friends.
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Thank you for your truly wonderful words on me, so kind and generous, Stephen!! Happy Easter, my friend..we have wet snow over here today!! :hug:

I will a long time!! My computer is slowly dying on me, (out of memory ) so I need to buy a new one for to continue working in ps, whenever I can afford it!! I just don't know how to survive meanwhile..
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I understand babe....:iconteamoplz:
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Thanks a lot, dear! What a fantastic collection - I am honored to be part of it.
xeena-dragonkizz's avatar
I love your's fabulous!! So it was a great pleasure for me :heart:
J-u-d-a-s's avatar
:woohoo: Thank you so much for the feature honey, I really appreciate it :blowkiss: :hug:
xeena-dragonkizz's avatar
My great pleasure Paul, long over due!! :hug:
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Thank you so much for the feature :heart:
xeena-dragonkizz's avatar
My pleasure, dear!! :heart:
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I think the darkness that sometimes descends on us is because we are sensitive and imaginative. You cannot visualise the beautiful fantasy without also the horrifying. Hiking with your dog sounds like the perfect solution. I prefer walking to meds too :hug:

As for the support we get here on dA, I completely agree, it should be a BONUS and not an expectation. Popularity and faves only reflects the trend of the moment. People who care too much about pageviews and want to spend enormous amounts of time pushing their work in front of people or onto front pages are most likely trying to compensate for their lack of confidence in their artistic ability.

Individuality and artistic expression does not equal numbers. Friendship and respect does not equal popularity.

I love the way you think my are a beautiful spirit.
:heart: Elle
xeena-dragonkizz's avatar
I do agree with you Elle, with all that you say!! The art is what comes first and the genuine people you meet, that loves the art most and before even thinking and counting favs and pageviews..I'm of course immensely grateful for every single fav and even more so for the genuine comments, made out of taking time and effort, to say something personal and unique!!

Popularity is a very shallow thing, to me genuine comes first..and also you sense very strongly when someone has the karma and genuine love for creating art from the heart!! Something that has a value and some meaning..that's the art that I love..I have to feel something when I view art, and to be able to express that in a comment is truly wonderful!! I cherish some of my watchers that really takes time and trying hard to express how they look upon the image!!

Thank you dearest Elle, for your beautiful opinion and comment!! :hug:
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I think it just varies from person to person - I fav what I like and I also like to add encouragement and positivity to peoples feeling of worth and their works, I only hope people can understand when I only have time to fav and run - so to speak - as time can be short when many things are happening and I love seeing the works but don't always have the time to comment.

It's good that your getting out hun - you need to take care of you :hug: :heart:
xeena-dragonkizz's avatar
Thank you so much, dear!! :hug:
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Love your new topic. I think it would be much more simple for all of us, if we would have an option to disable favorites like we do so with comments. I don't want to know how many people like and fave my work. I'm not in the freaking race, and I hate to compete. I just want to show my art and not be able to care about someone else's opinion. My self esteem is not so great on the first place.
And also I don't want to feet guilty if didn't like and didn't fave my friend's work. We all have our own likes and dislikes.
Did you know that Geisel aka Dr. Seuss first book was rejected 27 times before it was published. :)This is one of the reasons I stop caring about people's opinion.
Opinion is like a bellybutton ;) (I changed the dirty word) everybody has one. :heart: :hug:
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Have to admit I do love every fav that I receive, IF it's meant from the heart, not just as in expectations only, of getting a fav back in return!! Like you say..some pieces we like more and some we like less..and I think it almost would be a kind of arrogant attitude to fav *just because* you feel you are somehow obligated to..I do however respect, and it should be an option like you mentioned, to disable favs if that is how you feel about it!! Great comparision..Val!! Many artists and writers have been rejected and made a mock of during past times, like some of the pre-raphael brother hood artists!! etc..etc.. We are certainly entiteled to our very own opinions and likings indeed, nothing is better or worse, art is; in the eye of the beholder, always!! And we see, and feel things differently, thank God for that!! It would be damned pretty boring otherwise lol..Thank you Val, for your great statement :hug:
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