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Vanitas,,the meaning behind this, is that everything will die, and it will all be gone. I created this for my special puppy Raisa that passed away 5 June 4 years ago…
So I wanted to post it this very special day 16.05.05 :heart:

"Common vanitas symbols include skulls, which are a reminder of the certainty of death; rotten fruit (decay); bubbles (the brevity of life and suddenness of death); smoke, watches, and hourglasses, (the brevity of life); and musical instruments (brevity and the ephemeral nature of life). Fruit, flowers and butterflies can be interpreted in the same way, and a peeled lemon was, like life, attractive to look at but bitter to taste. Art historians debate how much, and how seriously, the vanitas theme is implied in still-life paintings without explicit imagery such as a skull. As in much moralistic genre painting, the enjoyment evoked by the sensuous depiction of the subject is in a certain conflict with the moralistic message."

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mysticmorning Clock

mossi889 Apple

rustymermaid-stock Letter

resurgere Texture

lifeblue Grapes

margarita-morrigan Hydrangea, lillies

gd08 Clematis, grass

zememz Table

Kalandor-stock Candle stick, fountain

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AbsurdWordPreferred eyes, book

TheManface Golden skull

Kalandor-stock Candle Bones, magnifyingglass, books, glass bottle


Thank you for looking :hug:

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 Vanitas of Life by xeena-dragonkizz

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