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The Fiddler

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This is my favorite work of art. Absolutely love it. I down loaded it to my phone in 2014 I think. I didn't know who the artist was... and I just found out. 😊 I am now your biggest fan.

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Thank you very much for your kind words, friend:D

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This is amazing! I love the color scheme, it fits in with the dark yet rhythmic feel of this piece. The creature too is simply amazing, I really love the black markings on the face. Keep up the great work! :D 
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Thank you very much!:)
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You're very welcome. :)
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Those figures on the left, look like they jumped out of a Bosch painting.
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Wow!  Really fantastic work!  It has a great Lovecraftian feel, and made me think of the Music of Erich Zann.  You're amazing at creature design.  I love it! :)
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Thank you so much!:)
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I can hear that mad music. He is Marauder from "MAGE: The Ascencion" for me. Real madness. Brilliant!
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Good sir i know i faved a load of your work without comments but i figured instead of spamming your inbox , ill just comment on one piece for all. Your work is amazing , absolutely of my taste. You are a very imaginative and inspiring artist , im really glad i came across your gallery! Congratulations good sir , looking forward to see more from you!
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Thanks very much for the such kind words, Kyriakos! And thanks for your interest in my work, i'm very appreciate it!
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Cheers my friend , we will be in touch :D
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Love your use of color, beautifuly done
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Thank you very much!
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This is so creepy I might have nightmares tonight. So bloody cool. I love his face even though it's definitely going to be nightmare fuel.
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Thanks very much!:)
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The devil went down to georgia and he was looking for a soul to steal...
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so is rome to burn once more
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I love this... The details are awesone and even the way it holds the violin is perfect. Very good job :)
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Thank you very much!:)
Sorry for the late reply
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I'll bet he's killer at parties.
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