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The Amityville Project: Phobos - 'Thanatophobia'

By Xeeming
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The illustration for a horror miniature game 'The Amityville Project: Phobos'. The card's name is 'Thanatophobia' (fear of dying)

Here is the Kickstarter page of this Game - www.kickstarter.com/projects/m…
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A fear everyone should have, if they didn't delude themselves with comforting fantasies.
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this looks epic i love it amazing job
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Thanks very much!

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you are very welcome Hug 
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O_O even though i have that, I'm still loving this but dang it's kind of scary to see this up close
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A fear of death... Everyone has that! How is that a phobia?! So are they more afraid of death then normal people?
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thanatophobics fear death a LOT more than a normal person does. Their fear is so great it's at the point of irrationality (panic attacks at the mention/thought of death and even refusing to leave home).
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very very cool!!!
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Great work! I love the dark tone and truly sinister atmosphere...
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This Phobos series was great.  Here in Korea, I had a fears and phobias discussion with my English students a couple years back, and trypophobia kept coming up.  I had never even thought about it before it was brought up.  I find these natural patterns kinda pleasing and fascinating.
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Thank you very much!
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I have the exact opposite of this. I'd be more Thanatofanatic. :)
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The project Phobos is splendid ! But did you have finish with the Fears ? Don't you make the fear of Doll ? Or fear of Dark ? Or fear of dogs or cats ?
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There are only 12 phobia cards in the game = 12 fears. Perhaps will be a sequel of this game and maybe it will be possible to make more fears there.
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Or the fear of snakes ? And sorry for the error it's the fear of Dolls. 
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I've looked at this entire project, and it's wonderful! Great art and great concept.
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Love the colour and the background
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I like this Xee. I wish you fortune on your kickstarter project but also know that I think if you're not already there yet, there's a lot of death metal bands that could benefit from your work. Keep it going. I love your choice of colors.
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Thanks very much for the kind words, friend! 
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Heh, I live right near Amityville.
I love the artwork here. Super detailed, creepy, atmospheric and eyecatching.
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