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September 16, 2011
Illusionist by ~Xeeming The Suggester said: "The macabre nature of this piece is fantastic, and the amount of detail it contains is astounding; I absolutely love the intricacy of all the patterns. This is one of those pieces which just demands that you keep looking back at it, as you can discover details that you might have missed at the first view."
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The Illusionist is surrounded by a string of masks and images, his face - the same mask. He is the border that separates realities. He is the event horizon.
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Is it because he is an event Horison he doesn’t need to hide his face anymore?

Humanity is at that moment now, btw. It sucks to be the only person on these feeds to actually UNDERSTAND what you are communicating via symbolism.

it certmainly sucks to be you, LOL. Gift of prophecy is a pain in the ass.