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I figured it's been awhile since I drew my favorite pony, so why not? Plus I need more examples of how I'm starting to do ponies, I think I'm improving away from old problems seen in past works. I'm not sure how I feel about how it came out... ;3; She has the hardest mane ever, I swear. I might start some fan art of other series after this aside from any commissions I may receive.

Art [c] Myself
MLP [c] Hasbro
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Aelipse's avatar
Best Rarity ever! Wonderful job!
ryliebear's avatar
that is the prettiest rarity i have ever seen!! fabulous darling!! :hug:
Botboy41's avatar
So Beautiful, Rarity Looks So Pretty, I LOVE IT
Xeella's avatar
Thank you very much!! I really appreciate that! :la:
VicViper407's avatar
Nicely done, Loving the beautifully shining detail, captures her trait very well.
Xeella's avatar
Thank ya very much~! I'm happy to hear that I portrayed her well enough. :la:
ValiantSeraphim's avatar
I just LOVE how all the sparkles on her mane and tail came out. Makes her look super chic and ethereal, just how Rarity should!
Xeella's avatar
Thank you! Rarity is just such a fabulous and fashionable pony, I tried to do her justice! :la:
MagicalHoney's avatar
This looks amazing (and fabulous, of course)!
Xeella's avatar
I'm happy that fabulousness has been achieved!
Shaloxeroligon's avatar
This reminds me of Rarity's "becoming popular" song. Which is a great song. Nice work.
Xeella's avatar
Thank ya, and I agree on the song! I really enjoy Rarity's voice actor and her singing. :la:
Helsaabi's avatar
Rarity is so pretty! ^^
Xeella's avatar
Thank youuu~ :'3
Helsaabi's avatar
No problem! ^^
JonnyB1250's avatar
This is truly amazing! The mane and those eyes... beautiful
Xeella's avatar
Thank ya so much! The eyes are always my favorite part of a drawing, mane/hair second.
EverlastingJoy's avatar
:iconmanlytearsplz: She's so beautiful.
Xeella's avatar
The icon alone is enough for me to want to give you all my gratitude. Thank you!
neila-nuruodo's avatar
I just wanted to say I love your style! I'm not a particularly big fan of Rarity, but the soft look and clean lines in this picture are captivating! Favorite for sure! :D
Xeella's avatar
Thank you so much! ;o; I really appreciate your kind words, I'm glad ya like it!
PonyCordero's avatar
Quite lovely, the tail in particular
Xeella's avatar
Thank you! I'm happy to hear that because every time I consider drawing Rarity, I cringe at her tail. xD
PonyCordero's avatar
Lol, well cringing just means you add more effort.
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