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I'm gonna assume you've probably noticed I'm definitely not active here, if you wanna keep up with me, I relentlessly post stupid garbage on my twitter (@edgedestroys) and recently set up a secondary twitter for merch designs I've been working on (@FERAMVSA) that you should follow if you wanna be in the loop, entertained, or annoyed. Maybe all three who knows, knock yourself out.

As far as FERA MVSA goes, I opened a society6 shop ( for my designs. I'm mostly using it as an outlet for making all over print shirts available until I source getting regular shirts printed along with other merch and can deal with fulfillment, sales and shipping all myself on my designs. So far I only have 2 designs up but they're hecking dang cool if I do say so myself (and I do, trust me), but there will be many more to come.

Music news: I recently finished a metalcore album for a new personal project that you can listen to at, you should check it out if you like stuff like texas in july, august burns red, etc, etc. It's pretty fun heavy stuff.

PS, thanks for all the comments, shouts (especially birthday wishes) and such that I haven't been around to respond to. I appreciate all of them and will probably continue to have a repulsively bad attention span, thanks for thinking of me even when I'm not thinking xoxo.
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