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11231231th journal admitting that I'm awful at paying attention to this site, hey, yo, sup. Obligatory "I'm not dead lol". It's been a minute since I've paid much attention on here, figured I'd touch base and let you guys know I've released a few new albums you might or might not want to check out since the last journal I posted.

As far as my electronic stuff there's 3 new EPs out

And I have a new post rock album out…

Other stuff in the works: I had a DMCA claim brought against me by some batshit homestuck fangirl trying to white knight for What Pumpkin that got my first Andrew Hussie Boogaloo album taken down (pretty much just based on the fact that it's called The ANDREW HUSSIE Boogaloo even though none of the music actually had anything to do with homestuck and uh, you can't copyright a birthname hello?) but I'm trying to sort that out with Bandcamp to get it put back up. The reissue is going to have the new art I just posted as well as a few bonus tracks that I've never officially released anywhere. There's also a new TAHB album in progress but I dunno when it'll be done, I've got a lot on my plate. I'm also working on a brand new melodic post hardcore project (I don't even know whatever the hell genre it is, stuff like Counterparts, Hundredth, The Ghost Inside and For The Fallen Dreams) I'm working on with a friend that's 80% complete; 5 tracks written and fleshed out just waiting for us to write some lyrics and record some vocals so that'll be tight.

Other than that yeah, I dunno. If you aren't yet and care about stupid social media BS you can follow me on twitter and see whether I'm dead or not since I'm infinitely more active there than anywhere else.
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Good to hear ya. :thumbsup: I might check out your music soon!
Remember that I've always admired your artworks and I'm expecting to see more, not only ponies, sometimes dragons and all that. :lol: I like my favs collection varied!