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Ignition Assault

Album art I threw together for my new EP. If you like dubstep/fidget/house/electro/etc etc etc you should probably check it out and if you dig it buy it since whatever I make off it basically pays my bills and hopefully will help me afford a new computer to work on music and art since my laptop can barely handle the stuff I do now haha.

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It KILLS me that artists like this aren't more popular and get the attention they deserve it seriously kills me
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Edge, if I weren't living in Thailand right now, I'd have bought most of your music by now. Don't have a credit card here, so the most I can do is listen at home and it DRIVES ME CRAZY because I'd love to have this stuff on me to listen to while I'm out on long travels.

I do happen to have Cutting Teeth (bought it before I left), your samplers, and the Clustercuss EP. The fact I have to wait until April of next year to buy 'em though is killing me.
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It's not everything but a good majority of it.
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...I promise when I get back to the states I'll repay you.

I can't thank you enough!
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Freakin' great! It kinda reminds of NORA's album 'Dreamers and Deadmen' :D