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Planning the next art pieces

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 5, 2017, 10:32 PM
Pondering some ideas for :iconkaelacroftart: 's art contest. She's got some really nice character designs that would be fun to attempt. Plus, Star Wars, so there we go. Feel free to join!

Contest 2017 - [OVER!]The contest is officially OVER.
I was asleep for the deadline but I did check the date and time of all last minute entries. A huge thank you to everyone who entered, it's going to be a close race here! I'm probably gonna sit down this week with my boyfriend and he'll help pick my brain and help me pick the winners. The judgment will be post Friday! So late I know... but well, work and life :) Again thanks everyone who entered!
It's been three years since I've had an art contest. I feel the need to host one now!
If you don't want to participate at least pass it on :D
:bulletyellow: What you'll be Creating :bulletyellow:
You'll be tasked with drawing, painting, writing, cosplaying, whatever-ing my Star Wars Original Characters. As always, I encourage you to have fun! If you wanna draw my OC with your OC having a lightsaber battle fantastic! Just don't gender bend my characters. N

I'm also wanting to get another :iconmogucosplay: piece done. I have a couple planned, one isn't even a costume piece, but I may need to hammer out a few character shots for my Star Wars game first.

Basically, there are so many damn NPCs on the ship now, the players really should have some visuals for the few that are sticking around long-term. Mostly the gunners, the marine, and the snubfighter pilot. Maybe some of the ISN lab guys, 'cause they're creepy in a dreadful X-Files/X-Com sellout scientist sort of way.

Mostly though, I've stayed up too late on a work night again. :/ Foo. Art will have to wait until tomorrow.

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July 5, 2017