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MoguCosplay as Melina WIP by xechon MoguCosplay as Melina WIP by xechon
This piece was part of the design phase for a special gift for my dear friend :iconmogucosplay:

Gabry had been asked by Poggiocomics to be the live model for their mascot MELINA during their event in June, however I knew that she was doing a preview of the costume in mid-April. So over the two weeks that she was building the cosplay, I had been working on a piece of her in the cosplay.

I would send her photos like the one above, and she would post out photos of the costume's WIP. More that once, as I was stuck on something, she would come to the rescue with a properly posed photo. It's been a fun process :)

The face in the sketch is more just a placeholder that only vaguely resembles Gabry. Face 2 was much closer to her, which she approved of, but didn't line up with the semi-top-down perspective the piece was drawn in. Face 3 I basically only lowered the eyes but that got it to fit better. Also gave her a bit of a "pixie" look, which fit the theme of the character. After that, it was cleanup and cell shading time.

The final Melina piece is here:
MoguCosplay as Melina for PoggioComics by xechon

MELINA character created by Pasquale Qualano for PoggioComics. Melina is theirs, this was designed as a fan art gift for Mogucosplay

Sketch done with mechanical engineering pencil and MICRON ink pens
Face inserts done in Clip Studio Paint with a Wacom 13HD tablet
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