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Frijit Caileansdottir

Model  Tina RybakovaLocation  Trollheim
The final version of the final piece featuring my character Frijit. She was fun to play, but the campaign ended over a year ago and it took me this long to finally finish the last character art. 

The reference photo is my friend Tina Rybakova when she was cosplaying a First Order Trooper. Feel free to check out her adventures on Instagram: tin_ry and @russiantravelgeek

The whole thing done with Procreate on my iPad. But how?

Step one was to find a good reference, easy enough. But you don't want to just trace it! Tracing BAD. So I did an old Van Gogh trick where I cast a grid over the subject on a second tablet (finally found a use for my near-useless Fire Tablet), drew out a corresponding grid on my iPad, and penciled in the bits that I needed square by square just eyeballing it. From there was a lot of cleanup, redoing the sword like 3 times, finally conceding that the armor was magical so it didn't actually have to have a gorget or helmet, and then beginning the colors...

1. Year. Later.

...completely scrapping 90% of the coloring I had done, redoing all those layers, adding in some nice glowing runes, and kicking out a fun little snowstorm scene.

But she's done. Done enough, at least.
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