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I was just browsing my gallery and feel the need to disclaimer that there is an abundance of crappily taken stock photos... I had no idea what I was doing when I started this account and have been learning as I go!  I finally understand *how* to take stock photos and will continue to improve :).  I'm keeping them up though and you can use or not use whatever you'd like!

i haven't invested very much time into learning to create good stock but i will.... so meanwhile  if you have any suggestions or helpful hints, let me know.

i guess most stock models have rules, soo basically here:

"Rules" (or lack thereof):

*  credit me :).

*  you don't have to get permission to use the stocks, i just wanna know if you use it so i can see the finished work.  hence:

*  show me your finished work.

*  i'm not going to tell you not to use my pics for anything as that would be restricting art, which kind of defeats the purpose, no?  
actually i will edit that.. you can use my pics for anything as long it doesn't get me in trouble, somehow.. i don't know how that would even happen, but it seems like a good thing to say :p.
*  if you use my stock, i'll include a link to your profile  in my journal (may take me awhile to update it though).. if you don't me to do that, just send me a note and let me know and i won't feature you, nqa :).

*  i may use the photos personal use (like showing friends).. if you do not want me doing this let me know.

... if i've missed something really basic and obvious in the rules, let me know (that's probably the best rule you can have).

:iconstockresources: :icon0-stock: :iconstock-library:  :iconmodel-stock-club:

... i give permission to these clubs to upload and use any of my photos at their sites ...

artists that have used my stock, check them out :) :

:iconchibimizu:   :iconlonely-dementia: :iconunpresentative: :iconkariannlax: :icongothbarbie:    :iconpatweny:  :iconscaryjesus:   :iconjujuism:    :iconmayahs:    :iconowlpuffpower:   :iconjohnclark80:  :iconcrazynoodle22:    :iconsitara-lukyan: :iconfoolish-artist: :iconashutosh7: :iconscaryjesus: :iconpakinamelbanna: :iconzeloco:  :icondoomsday-device:  :iconzutara444:  :iconfirelocke:  :iconfleetofgypsies:  :iconvision-of-shadows:  :iconeasycom:  :iconmistraven:  :iconautopsyrotica-art:  :iconbeautifullycursed:  :iconkarlibell22:  :iconunlikelyguest:  :iconaaherregud:  :iconsailor-phantom:  :iconxxchibixchickxx:  :iconkirari-kitsune:  :iconitialianmonkie:  :iconlittlecopperpiece:  :icondragon-kiss:  :iconviolintart:  :iconvelvet-symphony:  :iconeclipsy:  :iconlilfirebender:  :iconthebrendaboo:  :iconx-xspitfirex-x: :iconsheloize: :iconladyofmanyartforms: :icontsukiko-koe:
it makes my day a little brighter every time someone uses my stock and it is really encouraging to continue to post it, so a million times:  thanks :).