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65 Seamless Brick Patterns for Photoshop

This includes 65 Realistic Seamless Brick Patterns!

These patterns are for Photoshop. They are stored in one .pat file. They are repeating and seamless.

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This pattern was not made by me. They are some old patterns I found a while back on some unknown website and decided to share them. If you are the author of this pattern, please contact me and I will give you credit or take them down.
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Thanks, its perfect

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Definitely have used before. Love them!

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Thank you for making this available. I know it's an older file, but with Photohop 2021 removing most of the patterns, it's nice to have options!

Thanks so much!

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nice textures ...thanks!

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Beautiful! Thank you!
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Love these, thank u!!
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This is brilliant thanks for sharing
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Nice patterns!
Thank you for sharing..
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Thanks for these!
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Thank you! Just what I needed :)
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thank you for patterns. i will use.
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Thank you so much for theses.
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Usad again here -> [link]
how do i download these so that i can use them.. i am having a hard time
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thank you for sharing these :)
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Used here [link] thanks for shared!
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The link doesn't work for me too.
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