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January 2010

OS: Ubuntu 9.10
DE: KDE 4.3.4
Plasma: Glassfield
Style: QTCurve
KWin: Perfection (Aurorae)
Icons: Oxygen
Plasmoids: CWP, Folder View, System Monitor (cpu, network, disk)
Wallpaper: Orchestra by :iconjoejesus:
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KronicDreamer's avatar
Nice.. I prefer gnome over kde, but this is a smooth setup w/ kde installed :)
xduncanidahox's avatar
I have gnome on my laptop. I will post some screens soon.
SuprVillain's avatar
That is real nice. I have been feeling the pull of wanting to install kubuntu on my new machine, you may have just given me the reason to do so!
xduncanidahox's avatar
KDE4 is definitely worth trying.
SuprVillain's avatar
i still have kubuntu 9.04, i may install it and the apt-get a distro update, then just apt-get for everything new.

thanks for the screen shot for motivating me!