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Kirito from a pencil by xDREAM-EATERx Kirito from a pencil :iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 2 0
Mature content
The Night Before Smashmas :iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 0 0
The adorable GIR by xDREAM-EATERx The adorable GIR :iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 0 0 The Almighty Zim by xDREAM-EATERx The Almighty Zim :iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 0 0
The Alternate Route
was like any other ordinary day, I had woken up late and missed my bus so I was forced to walk about 2 miles to school. I was used to it by now, I always made it with 5 minutes to the bell, long enough to grab breakfast and get to class. But, this time I had decided I would take a different route to school.
"Get up your going to miss your bus again" my mother shouted at me. "I can make it" I quickly shouted back to acknowledge I was awake as I stood up I felt a slight bit of dizziness hugging the wall so I wouldn't fall, I shook my head and felt normal again. I got dressed, brushed my teeth and walked out the door as quickly as I could, in an attempt to catch my bus but as always It left moments before I arrived at the stop. So, without even an ounce of surprise in me, I began my walk to school when I had made it about 2 blocks I saw there was a train blocking my normal route and I would have to find a way to go around. Quickly I decided to make a left turn just before the block that h
:iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 0 0
The Assassin's Creed
The Creed
"We are nothing if we do not abide by The Assassin's Creed".
Our goal is to ensure peace in all things.
The Creed cannot be killed, even if all of its followers were.
The Creed is an idea.
Even if all records of it were to be destroyed,
it will eventually be reinvented by another.
We follow three tenents and three tenents only.
They are the basic foundations/rules of our Brotherhood and will be followed.
The Three Tenents:
1)   "You are a Blade in the Crowd" -  Remain anonymous. The Assassins' aim is to get close to their target stealthily, and escape just as quickly. In more ancient times, Assassins aimed to perform ostentatious, awe-inspiring assassinations, usually in public. Seem as if you came from nowhere, then vanish as if nothing happened. " Become one with the people to mask your actions."
2)   "Never Compromise the Brotherhood" -  "The actions of one must never bring harm to all."  If an Assassin fails in his or her duty, and is captured or
:iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 2 2
My Own Guy by xDREAM-EATERx My Own Guy :iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 0 3 Terrbile Jeff the Killer by xDREAM-EATERx Terrbile Jeff the Killer :iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 1 5 Terrible BEN drowned by xDREAM-EATERx Terrible BEN drowned :iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 0 3 The comickitty herself by xDREAM-EATERx The comickitty herself :iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 0 1 Pastamonsters Jeff by xDREAM-EATERx Pastamonsters Jeff :iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 7 0 Sonic.exe minecraft edition by xDREAM-EATERx Sonic.exe minecraft edition :iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 5 28
Assassin's poem
By: xDream.Eaterx
The life of an Assassin
is complicated indeed.
No matter what happens,
they must obey the creed.
Find your target.
Learn of their whereabouts'.
Find your target.
Then take them out.
Run for dear life.
Run fast indeed.
Always cover your tracks,
and ALWAYS respect the creed.
Unless they start it first,
try not to start a fight.
No matter what happens,
play your cards right.
The Assassin's life,
isn't very fun.
All he can do
is hunt, kill, and run.
But when the Assassin is worn with age
and has the rank of master,
he will learn that his mind
can learn faster and faster.
Death takes and takes,
but sometimes gives and gives.
The Assassin is Death,
and he won't let evil live.
The life of an Assassin
is complicated indeed.
No matter what happens,
they must obey the creed.
:iconxdream-eaterx:xDREAM-EATERx 1 11
My pictures.....

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I'm back everyone who cares. My hiatus that meant nothing was filled with a grand adventure into the world of ecchi harem mangas and small bits of storytelling on YouTube. The manga i have been reading are Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, Yomeiro Choice, Highschool DxD, etc. My plan for the future is to gain a new microphone to tell new stories that way I can share my godlike voice (geez dude you're getting a little egotistical aren't you?) with you all (his friends and fans). So look forward to something (assuming he gets off his ass to do anything worthwhile. WOOOOOOOOO I'M BACK BABY!!!!


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United States
I’ll be strumming my axe
In a basement dive
With my totally kick-ass band
When an army of A&R men will arrive
With pens and contracts in hand
And they’ll whisk me away in a big black car
And the record execs and the girls from PR
They’ll know from the start
What I major league star I will be!!!
Just wait and see!!!
When I climb to the top of mount rock
And I’m there staring down from the heights
With the crowd at my feet and a seven inch bulge
In my lizard skin spandex tights
I’ll dive off the edge straight into a crowd
That’s screaming my name out loud
And the gates will unlock
At the top of mount rock



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