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Prints available upon request. Please note me if interested.

This piece belongs to the body of work for my B.F.A. Senior Exhibit. It features an original childrens' story of mine about a girl's little plush toy who finds adventure when accidentally left in the woods. ^^

This is the first double-page spread of the story.


Artist/Show Statement:


The dreaded moment when a child realizes that her beloved plush toy is missing. But he’s more than just a toy to her. He has a name. He has a personality. He has fears, dreams, and emotions. And now he’s slipped away from her protective embrace, left alone to face such a big and unfamiliar world. Who will tuck him in at night? Who will share their cookies with him? And more importantly, who is going to hug him when he’s afraid?

A lost plush toy can be very traumatic for a child. The world is still new and oftentimes challenging, and it’s easy for such displacement to be projected from toy to child when that toy is an extension of the child. Children need to be comforted and reassured, and in turn they feel the need to comfort and reassure their stuffed friends. When a faux fur friend becomes lost, the child becomes distressed because a part of her is facing the world alone.

But should she be distressed? What if the world isn’t such a scary place, after all? What if he isn’t alone and neglected, but surrounded by a new set of friends? An unfortunate event could easily be an opportunity of a lifetime. Sooner or later, those who are lost are going to be…

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this sooo sad. i would be lost without my Nite=Nite.
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Beautiful and touching.
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I'll just fav your whole gallery I think...
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this is incredibly moving for me. if there's a full story I'd love to read it
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It's part of a series, the rest that can be found in my gallery. I haven't been able to work on the written part yet, but I do hope to get this published as a book someday in the near future.
Odylic-Force's avatar
well i'll be keeping a watch on your posts, thats for sure! if ever published, i'd buy a copy!
siriuslylostwerewolf's avatar
I was such a stuffed animal lover when I was little so this piece really speaks to me. Not to mention you are wonderful at drawing and coloring trees. Beautiful! :D
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Thank you! I still have all of my stuffed animals from childhood, too. They really are precious.
siriuslylostwerewolf's avatar
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Aw man, I totally know that feeling. I still have it a little - the feeling that toys and objects are more than just bits or cloth. I think it's because I associate memories with objects (like some objects trigger memories of roadtrips with my folks as a kid) while also I was just a lonely kid. I really love these illustrations, your work is beautiful.
xdragonflyx's avatar
I still feel that way, too. My stuffed animals all have feelings, so I can never throw them out. ^^
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i love the trees!! it's awesome
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Thank you for sharing your art, I love your work :)
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Thank you for enjoying it!
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Haha you're welcome ^_^
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featured in "Traditional Treasures" [link] :)
xdragonflyx's avatar
Again, thank you for featuring me!
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Poor little plushie lost! I love the composition.
xdragonflyx's avatar
Hehe, don't worry, it'll have a happy ending. ^^
cabepfir's avatar
oh, I'm pleased to hear so! ^^
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excellent as always. i like the design in the sky
xd0rkvict0rx's avatar
i love sea otters
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