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Air of War

What's this?? Art? From me?? Yes! Finally, some real art! All thanks to a friend returning my tablet pen... ;P

So I've also been working on anthros, recently. They're actually rather fun and it's helping me with human anatomy and whatnot. I especially like being able to position them in such poses ^^ It's just fun for me.

Art (C) :iconxdoglate:
Leather- [link]
Cloth- [link]
Wood- [link]
Background- [link]
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Ninja wolf! Can t beat me tho lol
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Lol It'd lose in a heart beat, I'm sure ;)
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Not going to lie, i ve actually been practicing lately
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Thank you very much :)
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Hehehe, sorry it took so long.. lol
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... I realize what your comment meant now lol
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Oh yeah, that's a comment. Lol Thanks.
xXDamselFlyXx's avatar
Cool how he is sitting outside the background. The leather straps are awesome, too.
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Thank you :) I am rather proud of the leather.
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very good job! i like it!
i suck at anthors and humans Dx
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Thank you very much! Hehe As always, it just takes some practice. I actually asked one of my classmates to stand still so I could sketch his body frame lol Then I took off from there. I'm still no good with male figures, but female figures, I think are pretty good. (lol)
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I really like the pose! AMAZING!!!!!!
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Thank you so much!
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