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Young sheldon's first season by Xdmario Young sheldon's first season :iconxdmario:Xdmario 8 3 Fievel as the inkling by Xdmario Fievel as the inkling :iconxdmario:Xdmario 17 4 Splat-Crew-Profile Xdmario (Remastered) by Xdmario Splat-Crew-Profile Xdmario (Remastered) :iconxdmario:Xdmario 19 3 Got them back by Xdmario Got them back :iconxdmario:Xdmario 17 15 Why?  by Xdmario Why? :iconxdmario:Xdmario 7 8 Meeting mini Ben by Xdmario Meeting mini Ben :iconxdmario:Xdmario 24 9 Splat-Crew-Profile JkMenttonet  by Xdmario Splat-Crew-Profile JkMenttonet :iconxdmario:Xdmario 16 5 Jurassic Jeep by Xdmario Jurassic Jeep :iconxdmario:Xdmario 23 10 Splat-Crew-Profile Parker by Xdmario Splat-Crew-Profile Parker :iconxdmario:Xdmario 19 5 Luis  by Xdmario Luis :iconxdmario:Xdmario 19 25 Splat-Crew-Profile-Solan by Xdmario Splat-Crew-Profile-Solan :iconxdmario:Xdmario 17 2 Lina sitting by Xdmario Lina sitting :iconxdmario:Xdmario 18 1 Adam in Spaceship by Xdmario Adam in Spaceship :iconxdmario:Xdmario 17 8 peace in space  by Xdmario peace in space :iconxdmario:Xdmario 17 3 Splat-Crew-Profile-JamaicanHedgie08 by Xdmario Splat-Crew-Profile-JamaicanHedgie08 :iconxdmario:Xdmario 13 4 Adam's playful mood by Xdmario Adam's playful mood :iconxdmario:Xdmario 17 25


Happy Birthday, Twisty! by RasmusHolmgren Happy Birthday, Twisty! :iconrasmusholmgren:RasmusHolmgren 19 0 James Talks 2 | Final Question by Creepypastaslayer James Talks 2 | Final Question :iconcreepypastaslayer:Creepypastaslayer 3 4 My Inksona by Creepypastaslayer My Inksona :iconcreepypastaslayer:Creepypastaslayer 1 1 Mario Southpark Site by SeantheInkling Mario Southpark Site :iconseantheinkling:SeantheInkling 12 4 The (Rebooted) Gang's All Here! by bravebravesirbrian The (Rebooted) Gang's All Here! :iconbravebravesirbrian:bravebravesirbrian 14 4 Ask the Splat Crew 1644 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1644 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 56 10 Icon thing again test by Xpert03 Icon thing again test :iconxpert03:Xpert03 18 1 Broken With his True Hair by BrokenNooby64 Broken With his True Hair :iconbrokennooby64:BrokenNooby64 16 6 Lucid Bubbles by YoshiandBlinx Lucid Bubbles :iconyoshiandblinx:YoshiandBlinx 109 13 Guess who's back by EpicFastHedgehog Guess who's back :iconepicfasthedgehog:EpicFastHedgehog 20 14 [SFM] Agent 3 by EpicFastHedgehog [SFM] Agent 3 :iconepicfasthedgehog:EpicFastHedgehog 37 13 Manny saying goodbye to his Mother's pet dog. by ManSantos Manny saying goodbye to his Mother's pet dog. :iconmansantos:ManSantos 4 10 Magic Cups by CreamChao427 Magic Cups :iconcreamchao427:CreamChao427 51 1 Threatenin' Zeppelin Preview: Confrontation by whirlwynd Threatenin' Zeppelin Preview: Confrontation :iconwhirlwynd:whirlwynd 163 27 The End of August by AstralSonic The End of August :iconastralsonic:AstralSonic 179 8 Magic Smile by JavierInkling Magic Smile :iconjavierinkling:JavierInkling 18 4


Young sheldon's first season
Well look what I got. I never knew they have a complete season of young Sheldon when I was at Walmart. But when I went to Las Vegas 3 months ago. I saw a big poster of Sheldon as a young kid and I find it very interesting because I have no idea what this kid was coming from until I found out that this kid was from the future of himself from the Big Bang Theory. I am so surprised that Sheldon became the smartest kid around the world. I did watch some clips of it and saw a trailer and I find it very very interesting. I mean sure it looks really interesting when I first saw that poster in Las Vegas. So I decided to get this DVD and go watch him myself because it's going to be a good one and interesting for me. Sure it does have a lot of ratings by a lot of people. But I'll give this show a shot. I'm pretty sure you guys heard about before or not. Just saying.
Fievel as the inkling
Now you guys are wondering why am i doing this. Well you see...Don Bluth's birthday was yesterday so i decided to make something cool for our own favorite mouse fievel from An American Tail. (Including the sequel which is my favorite) So i use my own magic wand that it was a gift from Kirby and turn Fievel into an inkling instead of the mouse himself. So for that. Happy late Birthday Don Bluth! And i hope wish you would see this what i made for Fievel. (I do prefer him over Mickey)
Dear supporters and friends. I come here to apologize for what I have done. I was defending Alonso against my own friends and become overprotective. I did this in the wrong way to protect Alonso. Because he's been blaming a lot of people including his own friends because they were speaking the truth for what he has done. He should have said or tell them that is true for what he did instead of become a huge jerk on them because he always thinks they brought that up. And I know Alonso mostly blame on sabs and xpert a lot of times. And I know shipping too many girls was a bad idea and I know that he's been over reacting to get on his own friends and blaming them. He even did that to Lost as well. And as for me. It was totally my fault to defend him in the wrong way. And it was my fault to kick my own friends out in my server. And it was my fault for calling my other friend a snitch. and I shouldn't tell Alonso to ignore those people or his friends and block them. I figure that it wasn't the right thing for me to do to defend Alonso. So for that...... I am very truly sorry for being such a jerk and being a cunt to defending Alonso against you guys. and I didn't mean to acting like a big ass cry baby because I was being overprotective and getting on them including my own friends who are speaking the truth. it's like how these two people defending themselves to go against you guys and attack most of you people. (which I don't want to mention their names) and I do not want to become like this and that because brewster was speaking me the truth for what I have become and it was my fault for most everything I have done to defend my own best friend. Alonso was using me as tools and he also rudely interrupted me and spam me for his help and keep brainwashing me. And I had enough of all that nonsense.... now if you guys are reading this. Please forgive me to share this status to you all because it's the truth. I wanted to be myself instead of being a jerk and being a cunt. And I hope you guys understand what I am saying here.

Sign by Xdmario.
Xpert03 brewster12 Zeldaboy14 SabsTheInk totembandicoot Lostfires
Splat-Crew-Profile Xdmario (Remastered)
Well well. This is very interesting I ever seen. I never knew that this map of the moon in space could be exist. So I tested out for the first time and OMG was I blown away. So I wanted to make something special for myself with this. And man I look better than ever. And I also have myself a new ski jacket of outer space. So I have decided to copy it of my inksona's new outfit that it was a gift from :iconhuntrex117:. And it actually worked. So here I am in space. And I can still fly thanks to my stars. The new ones I believe. So this is the new me everyone. And I hope you accept it.

This is Xdmaro.
Got them back
It was becuase the offline or internet disconnecting. But now it's back to normal......It better be. It was kinda my fault that I wasn't even paying attention what was going on and why is it doing that because I understand what was happening because of the internet or my offline steam. But anyways. I want to give a huge thanks to my three cool friends who give me some tips if it keeps happening again.... I am always surprised that they are nothing but helpers and become a lifesavers. Thanks a lot all three of you. I'm back in business now! It better stay that way.
Xpert03 JCDevilMaple rocketboy3005
The inkling eyes are gone!!! NO! IT CANT" BE! WHY GMOD? WHY??? Guys I really need your help about this please! I don't know what to do about this anymore. This is completely ridiculous and I can tell that gmod has become a butthole. The same goes to stupid steam as well..... if I cannot figure it out what to do and if you guys don't want to help me at all then I'll be out of my business and I'm still gmod as well. Because I don't think is working anymore..... this is stupid and dumb.
Meeting mini Ben
I got to say. I find it very interesting and how very adorable ben really is. And yes I've been seeing him that way for a couple of times when you guys feature him in your Gallery projects. ^^; But as for that. I decided to meet him as a mini of himself. And he is the cutest mini inkling I have ever seen. So I wanted him to stay with me to make sure he'll be safe in no time at all. So you're welcome ben.:)
Splat-Crew-Profile JkMenttonet
This inksona belongs to…. This young man is a very nice person who lives the fantastic place called Retro Wave. He does have a lot of things for his life like play some games and spend some time to go somewhere for fun. He also likes action movies alot. He likes to ask some questions to his friends and asked them request and many more. But sometimes he made mistakes if he does something wrong by accident. But that was from the past and he already learned his lesson. So don't get too harsh on him guys. He didn't like the way when someone remove him for no reason whatsoever. So please show some respect to him. After all he really likes all the stuff that I like. Which I find it really cool and awesome. We've been chatting most of the times and we hug each other a lot. So if you guys want to be friends with him. Please join him to hang out his favorite map Retro Wave flat. I'm pretty sure he'll be happy to see you fellas.

But as for that....Welcome aboard Jk.:)
Jurassic Jeep
Well it seems that Rudy found something cool. It's about this good old jeep from Jurassic Park. So she decided to take Ben, Lea, and Brandi somewhere for fun. Maybe go visit Jurassic Park for the first time for them. I am pretty sure that those guys will be just fine so that way they won't get chased by those dinosaurs. Watch out for the t rex everyone!
RudyOctokidGamerART BenNetwork25 brandii0 lenny-ferret
Splat-Crew-Profile Parker
This inksona belongs to :iconfnafplayer64:. OMG! Where do I begin with this? This young inkling girl named Parker. I never knew that she became my best friend ever since probably last year. She's been telling jokes a lot pretty much more than I do. And she's really good to prank everyone including me. Maybe not me the most because I know that she and I can do pranks together. She thinks I'm too funny because I've been hanging out with her a lot. We play together and do silly stuff a lot. Seriously it was so much fun about Parker for me because you know how much I care about her. But I will admit that she's been doing farting many times. But I wanted to make sure that nothing bad is going to happen. But as for that. Parker? I wanted to make sure that I won't forget about you no matter what.

Welcome aboard my best friend!:D
Name: Luis

Age: 15

Main weapon: Octoshot

About Luis: Meet Luis. He's a young octoling who lost his memories because he does not remember what is happening when he first woke up to meet cuttlefish for the first time. Even so he trains pretty good. But whatever the test he fails. He gets freaked out a lot. Although he was not amused about C. Q. Cumber. Because he didn't like him. Anyways. He did defeated agent 3 for the first time when it was control by the evil telephone. After that he was pretty brave to save the day. However he was pretty shy about the inklings when he first came to Inkopolis. But he was invited to join The Splat Squads. And he felt very comfortable to be with them and feel happy.
This Oc belongs to :iconalgmusic01:. After all these two years... I met this young inkling who did his very best to cheer up one of friend of his and apologizing as well. This is what happened when I first met him. And OMG! I have never seen this inkling became very friendly and become more like a great hero. When I first saw solan. I was blown the way how much he could save the day and wanted to hang out with all of us. Including me the most because he and I become amazing good friends. Almost like partners.... he even comforting me big time and always cheers me up no matter what. Although his true form was actually a hedgehog. A brown hedgehog I believe. If you don't believe me then go check out his profile. And as for you solan.... if you're seeing this right now.... I just want to say thank you for everything to look after me and we been hanging out every most of the times.:) So congratulations.

You are welcome aboard.:D
Lina sitting
Lina just chilling sitting down.

(Also. I'm back in business doing gmod stuff. YES!!!)
Hello everyone. This is Xdmaro speaking. Since yesterday was a first day of June. The time is finally come for me for what to do. I am planning to make some raining pictures that I'll be willing to do to test it out. Remember what I mention the status I made about rain effects? Yes I'm pretty sure you guys do remember that. And also it will be honor for me to take some request to do some raining pictures for my closest friends and regular friends as well. But if you want me to do that request for you guys. Be sure to ask me about it and I'll be willing to do that if I have a chance as possible. Or you can just send your inksonas here in the Comments section below.  but don't even think about spamming because I will cancel your request and don't ask me why please. Well that's all the announcements for now. Take it away your request my people!

This is Xdmaro.


Xdmario's Profile Picture
Mario Ibanez
United States
Greetings everyone. At is I....Xdmario at your service. My real name is Mario. But you can call me Xd or my real name if you like. You folks decide. Anyway. I'm the person who loves to draw cartoons and I'm really good drawing young people. I don't that too much though. But I'm also good doing gmod stuff as well.Even though I need to keep practicing so I can get better and improving some pics that I'll be doing. If you folks want to be my friend. Please give me the good reason why you want to be my friend or give me the reasons why you watch me. I do not make too many friends unless they're being very respectful,positive, friendly, and being nice to me and my amazing good friends. Any people who type their negative bad comments and being so ugly on me or my friends will be on my block list and I will never bring them back unless they can change their mind and be nice to me and my amazing good friends. If not...Then they will be blocked by me for a very long time. So don't be so negative guys. You folks be nice to each other and let's start having some fun and get along together. Anyway. Feel free to check out my galleries and favorites whatever you like. I'll make sure that I'll be able to do some more. IF I have free time. If you guys want to watch me.... Go ahead and do that. But please remember to give me the good reason why and then I'll welcome you to my profile. Well that's all folks. This is Xdmario!


Everyone lies. No expectations.
Mon Jul 9, 2018, 11:09 AM
Its Bobo Dakes! (Watch_Dogs 2 reference :D)
Sun Jun 3, 2018, 4:00 AM
Shoutout to Simpleflips
Mon May 28, 2018, 8:56 PM
'Sup, buddy!
Sun May 27, 2018, 9:45 AM
hi mario
Tue Apr 17, 2018, 5:03 PM
The inner fire will never end, because Lostfires is here! :D
Tue Apr 17, 2018, 11:00 AM
First, It's a me, Hero! :D
Sat Mar 3, 2018, 9:57 AM


So I wonder which characters I should choose for my comics. What's your vote people? 

13 deviants said The rest of them
9 deviants said Lizzie
6 deviants said Lucas
6 deviants said Adam
4 deviants said Codnia
1 deviant said Petal
1 deviant said Will
No deviants said Lina
No deviants said Steavey


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