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Bartolomeu Sans typeface

First try with type design... hehe
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Nice and original design. I've never seen the horizontal bar on the 'f' that high before but I must confess it really doesn't look bad. My only concern is with the capital letters which are slightly more bold than the lowercase. I would personally make them match.

The font looks very elegant in the running text. Really beautiful.
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thanks for the font, nice one
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OMG i loved
downloading and fav :D
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Yay! Thank ya :D
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a big favorite! TY
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Thank you! :D
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Awesome font... clean, elegant... trying it right now! thx for the work
Slean, simple, slick.
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Very nice Sans Serif typeface! I like the subtle changes in weight on the 'o'. I think on the lower case 's' though the thin part is too thin, and doesn't seem to connect with the upper case version. That's just how I see it though, I like it overall!

I've been having a go at designing typefaces a bit myself, the letter S is probably the hardest, heh.
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You're right about the s, it's always hard to make "s"s :P
Thanks for commenting :D
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boa dls.. =) se eu te falar que ja usei ela num job... tu acredita? hihiih poizeh... talvez ela seja a font que vou utilizar no logo da empresa nova que estou trabalhando... apresentei o job.. gostaram muito.. agora vou definir o projeto
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Caralho, cara! Que maravilha!!!
Fico muito feliz, muito mesmo!!!!!
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Elegant and simple, nice work ;)
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Thank you :D
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Beautiful and elegant, thank you for sharing
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Thank you for the support! :D
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Very good work;
thanks for sharing.
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Thank you for commenting... really appreciated :D
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