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Black Magic

By XDimov
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This is my entry for the "Black Magic" contest in Dark Balkans group here on the site.

there's obviously an evil witch, who is draining her followers' powers to create some really powerful and evil ancient spell... All the inscriptions around the light are actually the words 'black magic' in all the languages I could find ;]


Black Magic contest
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At first i thought the words were mathematical equations. that would have been awesome and would have given a different meaning to it
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featured in my journal :)
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thank u very much and happy new year! ;]]
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Its like shes playing with black magic typography of some sort! awesome.
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glad u like it ;]
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Very cool! Love the occult text in the air.
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thanks, I'm glad u like it ;]
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You're very welcome!
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... !!! wow !!!
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amazing! what a great idea! looks awesome!!! :O
do you know the group black-magic-art ? it's not mine, i don't want to spam i just think some of your work would fit very well in this group.
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thank u very much ;]
I didn't know about that particular group, but it's in some similar ones. I'll add it there too, thanks ;)
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:) np! looking forward to you being in the group too!
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This is a deserved winner on #Dark-Balkans Black Magic Contest! Congratulations, btw!
The work is outstanding as once again you managed to portray the key features. I like the way you expressed how the witch is consuming and draining energy from others, making them all her slaves. The entire setting of some cave, as it appears it to me, is a great choice as it is really appropriate for the subject observed. The despair of people surrounding her and her youth and vitality is an amazing contrast which is also in accordance to the subject. Coloring is dark as it should be ...
I also saw this piece of art from another angle. I see her as awakened person, where the light bowl would be a sign of such enlightenment, while the surrounding is dark and people are wallowing in their despair and depression, digging in the dirt, unable to even catch any ray of that vibrant light. They all bow to her as they should to a Mistress that she is.
No matter how you interpret it, this shows what Black Magic could be all about, a way to enlightenment through confrontation with your own darkness within, or as a means of manipulation, you managed to capture both here. That's what I like the most!
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Vampirizing others is not the way that leads to the true enlightenment, it gives just a temporary con effect. But once "the witch" is caught, she's dragged through the dirt.  so who falls for such cons is no better than the child with no discerning ability.
 To bow to such "mistress" is the greatest humiliation of oneself. You should be doing better than engage in the childish games. :)
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Hi, Thank u very much for the thorough, smart and objective comments... it's nice to read exactly how my art is affecting someone and what thoughts it rises...
Also some constructive critique is always a good thing (from someone who knows what they're talking about) So thanks ;]
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thank u and thanks for faving ;]
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Hello I am one of the prize donators from the Contest: Black Magic, The prize I have donated is a simple digital drawing so get back to me when you decide what you want for it. xoxox
ps: Suggested to look through my gallery and see what styles ive done you like and what im best at so you get exactly what you want in the style you like most
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Congratulations on receiveing ☆ 1st Place ☆ [link] in the #Dark-Balkans contest: Black Magic [link] :D
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thanks a lot ;]
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It might sound odd, but my favorite part of this picture is the black running up her legs. I think without it the black on the ground would just look like a symbol, but with it on her legs as well, you can see her draining her followers.
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