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Published: June 22, 2013
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I'm tired of some of you trying to convince us that there is no God and that religion is evil.
I'm tired of some of you telling people that we're heathens going to hell for not accepting Jesus. 
There is too much hypocrisy in two good belief systems. And this doesn't even have to apply to just these two groups, it can be applied to ANYONE.
I don't care if you get mad at me for being blunt and direct. Let people find themselves, let people discover their own opinions on life, don't strive to create them into sheep who will just believe anything you tell them. Let your faith/opinion/goals set as an example for others to embrace rather than a direct command. Instead of worrying about how other people's beliefs are, work to take better care of your own, make sure your beliefs can grow and adapt when necessary, don't let them sit in stone to be used as a crutch. 
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Corvus-the-SnarkHobbyist General Artist
Humans are not meant to convert others into Christians, that is God’s job. We are merely ambassadors and guides, here to point people in the right direction and answer questions
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i don't force people to be pantheist, so why try to force me to be christian? :-/
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SonicMikuHobbyist Traditional Artist
As a christian I dont believe in CHristian extremist forcing there beliefs on others. Its there choice as long as they dont hurt anyone. Sure its nice introducing it but never force. I hate extremist in general.
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this is a good comment!
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AngelCnderDream14Hobbyist Filmographer
Awesome, so going to use this, thanks for it! =D
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ErikServinHobbyist General Artist
Curious, some religions was created or expanded doing exactly the oposite of what this image say.
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Thatdude450AUStudent General Artist
i think you forgot fetishes
but in all seriousness i highly agree,
i hate when im talking abot a fossil or something in class and one christian guy comes up to me going You're wrong trex was a vegetarian.I personnally dont care if you think a 6 ton giant was  a vegan or anything else  just keep your  crap to yourself and ill keep mine to me and my fellow fossils
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ImawerecatHobbyist General Artist
Wtf.... is... please tell me he was joking
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Beck-kunHobbyist General Artist
Funny how you just made a stamp about how bad porn is and that no one should watch it and that it's bad and bla bla, aren't u pushing your beliefs onto people?? U little hypocrite.
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Stephanie01Hobbyist Artist
Yeah , tell that to crazy muslims ...
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TsavolitePrinceHobbyist Artist
Agreeable because pushing Christianity towards Muslims is pointless
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Following Along the Spiritual Path of my Ancestral Background and Heritage, I guess A good way to Simply Put my Religion or "Belief System" Is that I am Simply what People would consider a "Animist", Just Like my Ancestors. (Animism has to do with Spiritually Believing that Non Human Entities such as Flora, Fauna, Animals, Trees, Mountains, Streams, Soil, Rocks, Vegetation, Mother Earth have a Deep Spiritual Aura or Spirit and Soul and Mind in themselves or something like that).  
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Oh thank you! This always goes for both sides as well. Just because I am an atheist and I don't believe in God doesn't mean that I'm smart and that everyone else is stupid. People can have their own beliefs for Christ sake! While I don't have many friends who are very strictly religious, I have a couple that are strict atheists and just bash on religion all the time. You don't know these people, so don't call them ignorant xx
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ArtofTreasure99Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are you religious or something? I'm not harming you. i'm religious myself, and this stamp proves a good point. Especially your description.
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AntiRCCZealotStudent Traditional Artist
It depends. What if, for example, somebody is a supporter of Nazism? Or Shinto imperialism that killed more people in Asia than Nazism did in Europe? Or a Juche ideology that's been starving hundreds of thousands of people in North Korea since its establishment? When someone is supportive of such oppressive ideals, I believe we've got to say something about that. 
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Corvus-the-SnarkHobbyist General Artist
Indeed, beliefs are never changed by force. If you want someone to share your faith, you need wait for them to come to you.
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Regrettably, I tried doing that once...

Needless to say, just thinking about it makes me feel horrible that I did it, even if I did apologize and was forgiven.
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SpetsnazKazHobbyist Traditional Artist
"I don't support pushing your HATRED towards other people."

Plain and simple.
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Dia-Linn, if you don't mind me asking, which is your religion?
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izfishHobbyist General Artist
My personal philosophy is that God accepts any name you use for him, even multiple versions of him, as long as you're doing the right thing. So I'll shove "don't kill small children" down people's throats, but not CONVERT OR DIE.
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glazukiHobbyist Digital Artist
SSB4 - Mega Man Clap 
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I'm with you! I'm a defiler of the corruption!
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SilentRosySunriseHobbyist General Artist
I love this message so much!
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