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Well, since my financial situation is bad as of late (By bad I mean : there is NO financial situation), and I need money to visit my friend on vacation (Which I promised) I am here to ask you another question:

Would you be interested in buying my art?

I know my level is medicore at best, that's why I'd keep the prices really low, probably around 15$ as the highest price.

I don't really expect anyone to respond here. But it won't hurt to try.
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Been a long time since I posted a journal here.

Either way, I'm here to ask you all some questions.

Would any of you be interested if I'd be to start a webcomic?

If yes, then what would be the best site to host one? (Since I know jack about website building)

Do you think that one-panel style (eg. Homestuck) is better than normal 'comic' page?

Thank you all for your time.
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Welp, three months into school now. How is it?

Not as bad as I thought.

Really, half of my class is composed of typical male teenagers. I don't even know how they managed to get here. Not that I'm callin' them idiots.

Oh well.

But you know...One of my teachers died.

And dammit, he was the best teacher I got to know - A former lieutenant, that was in charge of teaching at the Army Academy, then hired by my actual school as a PO (Przysposobienie Obronne - Basically educating you how to act in a situation of danger, and about weapons and war strategies) teacher. And he was the snarkiest but nicest guy with a great sense of humor and compassion.

Goddamit, I didn't even get to know him well. But my brother did, and he ( and he's that kind of a person that doesn't talk about his feelings) expressed serious sadness about the death of my teacher.

Well then, in memory of professor Wiśniewski...
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Seems like fate didn't like my optimist in regards of my school-start.

Because now I am sick, and feel like spinkick'd in my lungs. And I feel all alone when I'm the only person in our house...

That'll teach me to be happy...

(On a brighter note: I have much more free time)
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So new school year started.

As much as Polish educational system is screwed, I can say I am in high school.

It's good and sad at the same time.

Good beacuse - HELL, it's my young-adult time. Of course I am happy.

Bad because...Yeah...I knew some people in middle school practically from kindergarten. Separating from them, and the bunch of acquaintances I've made, wasn't easy.

And there are only seven girls in ma class.

There are 29 people in it.

So yeah.

Wish me good luck!
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Next comic page should be done tomorrow!
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Sometin' big is coming folks!
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Okay, so it's been a looooong time since I made any entry here. Sheez, I have a memorial skills of a rock thrown into the water. Aaaaaanyways:

-First thing: I'm gonna update my Deviantart layout soon. I mean the avatar, the ID, the signature...just give me some time
-Second: I just got a crapload of games to pass: Borderlands (MIGHTY AWESOME GAME), Dragon Age (EVEN MORE AWESOME), Dead Space (AWE-...wait not that good as I expected...) and a second playthrough of Persona 4 (More awesomness than all the games combinated - really)
-Third: I also got a lots of pictures in a 'halfway-done' status. I'll try to finish 'em as soon as I can.
-Fourth: Uh...wait I forgot.
-Fifth:I wanted to take part in a OCT called Civil War but I didn't get there in time - oh well

And that's all! (For now)

Also I'm sick so I have a lot of free time!
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askgshdjngOMGfkawejeahTEAjfajsdasAWESOMEwdsiadawFTW!!!1 u@

(Translation: *happy*)
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...Prawdopodobnie nikt tego nie czyta...ale co mi tam. Wracam na DA! Połączenie Corel Painter 2+tablet Pentagramu = nagły wzrost weny. Tak więc: szykuj się DeviantArt! DB wraca może nie z ceremonią ale zawsze coś...

...Propably no-one is reading this...oh well. I'm coming back to DA! The combination of Corel Painter 2+Pentagram tablet = The grow of art vein. So: brace yourself DeviantArt! DB's coming back, maybe not with a ceremony but it's alaways something...
It's just a short Info: Me and TOH are makong short Castle funny collab. Well....and that's it xD

PS: And I finnaly got Clear Sky 8D
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And so my summer trips have ended. And you can belive me or not I'm sort of between satisfied and sad.

But meh there I have passed Mass Effect, have Devil May Cry 4 practicly in my hands and looking forward to buy S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky!

All for now, I'll try to update soon!

~Deadbrain, your favourite Polish zombie, army/books maniac off!
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Maybe someone noticed that i wasn't online for about 13 days....I got a trip to moutains so.

Sorry for not leaving any 'goodbye' message, i forgot lol

Anyways, i got next 2 week trip in 2 days -_-

*sigh* and my brother isn't making it better
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Well maybe someone noticed why I don't made any pictures lately, here are explanations:

1. GAMES I just bought Alone In The Dark, 9th Company and Fable:The Lost Chapters plus I have Assasins Creed un-completed and Mass Effect PC comes to stores in 2 days....

2. BOOKS '341 pages per day that tells' evrything

3. REQUEST I have important request from Silence so i will be VERY busy

But i have to pass Mass Effect and Fable!
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*sigh* I just discovered a bad thing about me: vacations don't make me happy even a little. In fact i feel worse than 2-3 months ago.

If it will continue I'll become Emo, I don't even know why I can't just be happy. Moments when I smile are really rare lately.

Funny fact is that about 3 years ago i was very happy brat, and now I'd become some over-dramatic lad.

Pathetic isn't it?

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