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Tainted - Bardiche by xDeadbrainx Tainted - Bardiche by xDeadbrainx
A drawing I finally finished.

He's my rather old OC called Bardiche from the Tainted storyline.

As of now he is possessed by Rage demon, which not only gives him a VERY explosive temper but also some degree of superhuman reflexes and strength. When he's REALLY pissed off flames start to flare from his mouth, wounds and eyes. Hence the burn marks around his eyes (Yeah fire can do that to you).

He's really grumpy, aloof and (naturally) hotheaded. The simplest things may throw him off-balance, and you won't like to be on the receiving end of his anger. As you could expect he swears a lot and nearly all of his lines are delivered by screaming (FYI I imagined him as this BEFORE I started reading HomeStuck so no rip-off of Karkat here).

His unusual name comes from him weapon (In case you don't know - A Bardiche is a long poleaxe with crescent-like blade, frequently used by military around the 15th century in Eastern Europe). As a side-effect of the possession he lost some of his memories, his true name being the first one.

I must admit that his story comes off as a bit tragic I think. He's always on the run from the Templars that chase him, and every normal person flees on the sight of his eyes and burns. The demons themselves tend to treat the tainted people as playthings. He's torn between choosing hell and eternal damnation or constant struggle for life.

The only person he can talk to and not get his nerves flared up is Rook, his travelling companion. (Seen here: [link]). He's his only true friend and he cares deeply for him, sometimes bordering on paranoid possessiveness. He tries not to think about the eventual death of Rook, since it would probably be the end of his sanity.

More details soon (If anyone is concerned)

Bardiche, Rook, Tainted (c) Me
Done in Paint Tool SAI with Pentagram Titan XXL tablet.
Molly-Moon Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Szczerze? Wygląda jakby mówił: Kurwa, znowu poniedziałek >.<
xDeadbrainx Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"No kurwa, znowu trzeba przeżyć w tym świecie i zwiewać przed demonami"
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February 12, 2012
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