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OC GALORE #1 - Iain by xDeadbrainx OC GALORE #1 - Iain by xDeadbrainx
Lately I've had a lot of OCs piling up so I decided to start drawing all of them. It's a very important thing to me since they all have their own worlds and stories. All pictures will contain information about those characters and their stories.

So the first one is Iain the Traveller. Previously known from this :[link] picture (Only this time he's dressed).

Name: Iain
Spiecies: Skullhead (Cursed Humans)
Age: 24
Weight: 96 kg (circa 211 lb)
Height: 1,93 m (circa 6.3 ft)
Hair colour: Black
Eyes: Green


Iain hails from a very specific tribe that lives deep on the south of his world. Among the thick forests lie several groups of ruins. Those ancient cities of an once amazing and superior race now sit almost empty. The race has been incredibly advanced - They knew the art of mathematics, astrology, medicine, biology and physics. They had schools and farms, prized intelligence and peace. Their only religion was praising the symbol of the Hawk - the hallmark of future and things to come. The nation grew in their cities, covered from harm by the forests of old.

But their peace was not to last forever.

One day a stranger strode through the land. None remembers whom he was or wherein he hailed from, but one thing was sure - he was a powerful and feared magician. For reasons unknown he took hate on the race, and stormed their land. It was a slaughter - a massacre on the whole kin. The few that he spared were cursed with a malicious spell. From that day on - all of the children were born with a hard shell on their heads - a second skull, adorned with sharp animal horns. The women died one by one as their children tore their bodies with their horns in birth. And so the numbers fallen even more, and their deformed mouths incapable of speaking the old language couldn't pass on the knowledge.

Time passed, as years flew by. The nation was reduced to a tribe, the arts of old - forgotten. They lived in the shadows of the once magnificent cities - taking shelter in the crumbling ruins, developing the technology from the start. And watching the old drawings and manuscripts with amazement 0 wishing for old times to come back. But the tales were nothing more than stories passed by elders to children.

An none believed that the great nation will be back.

Their men grew taller and stronger - skin bleaching in the cold and gloomy weather of the land. The women were hailed as miracles and martyrs. Every daughter has been a blessing, but also a curse. Nearly every child carried death for the mother. Those few who survived giving birth, became prized members of the group - the Matrons.

To this group Iain was born. Two centuries after the massacre, their village counted no more than 150 heads. And his was the same as all - hard and horned. However the horns were short and barely sharp. His mother writhed in pain and blood but didn't give up on life - Her son has given her the title of a Matron, and his father has been overjoyed.

The boy grew up hunting in the woods and taking lessons from the elders. As all his skin was pale and thick, his muscles strong. He quickly became adapt in deciphering the old markings - a gift of curiosity. The elders watched him draw plants and animals on manuscripts and wondered if he can be the sign of new hope for the race. But as much they hoped - Iain was not a remarkable one. He was good with a bow and pen but nothing more.

However, he once stumbled upon a piece of information that none has known before - the name of the butcher that brought the downfall! As he read in front of the tribe the title bestowed upon the killer was revealed.

He was known as the White Man, and he has gone West.

As much as everyone was enthusiastic about the news, none was fast to chase the White Man. Iain bore through the ancient tomes again and pieced together all of the hints and maps. He was ready to follow the trail of the destroyer, whom was surely still alive - Old powers don't die easily.

The tribe begrudgingly agreed, and their son has been sent off with fanfares and wishes of good luck. But all of them has been secretly thinking that it was the last time they've seen him.

At the beginning of the story Iain has been travelling for four years, always going West. He encountered many cities and nations. All the time he asked and searched for the warlock. It was clear he was still alive by the words of the other mages. But they never would give away his location and always attacked Iain when he revealed his goals. As he fought the first one it became clear his body is resistant to any form of magic - the curse was too strong to be surpassed by any other form of magic.

Iain has became an outlaw - convicted for killing mages and wizards alike through the land. He learned how to fight and protect himself. How to run and alchemize poisons, potions and ointments. He hunted with his longbow and slept outside the cities.

One day a chance encounter with an another outlaw changes this life.


Iain seems like a very calm and analytic person on the first glance. He always walks and speaks (As much as he can without lips) slowly.

But he is quick to be excited over the smallest things.

Everytime he sees an interesting thing, he'll jump to study, draw and describe it in his journal. In fight he can be rash and unpredictable, sometimes making stupid mistakes.

Overally - Iain is a pretty nice man. He won't refuse and offer and will always try to help out. But the world he saw in his travels - mainly some nations brutality and other unpleasant things - has put a strain on this outlook. He will always be wary of everyone, but not exactly aloof. He'll try to get a good look and judge them himself.

He enjoys little things like tea, books good meals and collecting knowledge. He spends hours flipping through his manuscripts and perfecting every letter and drawing. But sometimes he realized it is something futile - His ancestors writing is not meant for the groaning language of the new tribe. And whom shall read this if not them? But his death would render the whole thing meaningless as his notes will never reach his kin. It is something he keeps thinking about - the burden of the past. A dilemma - should he praise the old knowledge, or try to create his own work?

Feelings for Fer:

Their relationship is strange at the best. It is clear there is a strong connection between the two. But the girl is too aloof to be open about it.

He's the one who's more expressive - He'll often display affection to her and will try to bring as much comfort to her as possible. He's understanding about her inwardness and tolerates it, knowing how she feels about him without the need of words. He'll be quick to protect her (But sometimes lets her handle things on her own - just the way she likes) and will not hesitate to hurt people to profit her situation.

So it is a somewhat stable if quiet and not-formal relationship between two refugees - outcasts of the whole human race that found peace in each other.


Whew! That was a lot of text! Sorry for getting carried away but I felt I need to write it all down for you all. Hope you liked it!

Iain belongs to me (DeadBrain)

Tools: Paint Tool SAI, Pentagram TITAN XXL.
Time: 4 hours
Ecfor Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now that's what I call a description of art...
PSNK23 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
nice picture :D :D :D

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