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FalloutStuck AU - Equius by xDeadbrainx FalloutStuck AU - Equius by xDeadbrainx
Another sketch for my and :iconneko-no-aruki: 's FalloutStuck AU.

Since we both love Equius there was no way he won't be the main hero. And being a Vault Dweller was a must for him.

He's practically the same as canon, only with his musclebeast fetish tuned down a little. Also, since the hemospectrum is pretty meaningless in the Wasteland, his bigotry stems only from his Vault origin.

His STRENGTH comes from the Vault experiment. In Vault 100 the food/water supply was infused with genetic-modified steroid-like serum that increases the force output without much muscle growth. He doesn't have the same level as canon though, but punch through a wall is an option. He manages to control it a bit, but he still he breaks things. Yes, that means he can touch people without breaking their bones, but leaves bruises.

In combat he utilizes his fists, one armed with a Power Glove. You can guess how efficient is that. His goggles are connected to both the Power Fist and the Pip-Boy 3000, allowing his to use V.A.T.S. in combat. We decided that he won't use guns, since he'd break them when squeezing the trigger. He prefers throwing things at long distance enemies.

Just like in HS, he's a skilled mechanic and technician, a skills he picked up in the Vault. They're pretty much the same as in canon, only with technology from Fallout.

As for now, the reason of his departure from the Vault is still a mystery, and we're going to explain it in the actual story.

Hope you like it!

Homestuck, Equius (C) Andrew Hussie :iconhussielipsplz:
Art (C) Me
Falloutstuck AU (collab) Me & :iconneko-no-aruki:
LlamallamaMOOSE Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012
Hehehe. Luv Equius pictures.
Also, I cant help myself. I must point this out.
You wrote "strenght". As in ht and not th.
Just thought you should know.
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September 17, 2011
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